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Not Getting the Results You want from Your Career Search? Not Sure of Your Next Career Step?

Not Getting the Results You want from Your Career Search?  Not Sure of Your Next Career Step? 

With more than 18 years of Coaching, Staffing & Consultant Management experience,  connecting you with the right job is what I LOVE to do!  I truly enjoy making connections between people and work that result in positive impacts.  I know what hiring managers look for when deciding on the right person to fill their job.  The majority of the consultants and employees I placed are still with the same client! 

Are you…

  • Overwhelmed with how to begin your job/career search?
  • Unsure of what career is the best fit for your passion, talent, and skills?
  • Not getting the results you want?
  • Struggling with stress?
  • Feeling unappreciated?
  • Frustrated with no time for yourself, family, or friends?

Would you like to…

  • Receive guidance on how to begin your career search and a strategy for the career and career path perfect for you?
  • Achieve your career goals?
  • Stop struggling with stress?
  • Discover your appreciation language?
  • Create work/life balance in your life?

My strength is in assisting you locate the best job opportunity for you according to your priorities.  Working with me begins with completion of a detailed questionnaire to gain clarity about your priorities and a detailed review of your resume.  We’ll update your resume and your social media profiles.  Need assistance with networking, interview preparation, dressing for success, thank you letters, offer negotiation, and resignation letters?  I’ve got you covered. 

Here are my favorite tools in determining your strengths, discovering how you are wired to solve problems, and understanding your Leadership Competencies…

*Do you know YOUR strengths?  Discover Your Greatest Strengths with a visit to  

*Do you want to know YOUR Strengths and YOUR CAREER OPTIONS?  Choose the Career Navigation System located  at   The system will help you to KNOW what your greatest strengths are and identify the positions, company types, and career paths that will bring you ultimate job satisfaction, all in real time.  We don’t just provide you with a career report – we provide an interactive, online tool which will allow you to see more than 650 careers ranked in order according to your likes and dislikes. You’ll be able to sort the careers by education levels, search for enjoyment levels related to specific careers, or explore what you would like or dislike about specific careers.

*What’s your MO?  How are you  wired to solve problems? Everyone has an inborn, instinctive style of action.  Are you a Quick Start, a Fact Finder, an Implementor, or a Follow Thru? Visit today to discover your winning style!

*Did you know Leadership is a choice?  Are you a Leader?  Want to be a Leader?  Would you like to understand your Leadership Competencies?  Leadership happens when people choose to behave in ways that make them effective in guiding others.  Learning to understand yourself is the first step to understanding others and becoming a successful leader.  The Harrison Leadership Development Reports provide training recommendations and exercises to improve your performance as a successful leader.   So, are you ready to become a Better Leader?  Ready to increase Your Emotional Intelligence?   Take ownership of your personal leadership development with a visit to  and begin your journey to Successful Leadership today! (Save $25.00 on your order of our Leadership Products using code lslw2016) 

My goal is for you to reach your career goals and I welcome the opportunity to put my expertise to work with you! Contact me today to schedule your 20 minute coaching consultation!  Don’t live in Atlanta?  No problem.  We coach worldwide! 

I’d love to start a conversation…what’s the best day and time for us to talk?  


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Live Well!
Leesa A. Wheeler, CMSAT ~ Certified BioEnergetic Technician

Career Coach & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Organic Health & Beauty Consultant

Author of two books…

     Live Well… Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You! 

     Melodies from Within 

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Each person is unique and deserves a personalized approach when it comes to living healthy.  So, have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your body energetically?

A Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) evaluation detects energy changes in the body and accesses data about the body’s functional status. This technology utilizes Chinese meridian theory and modern quantum physics. MSA provides extraordinary new perspective on the state of the body’s energetic health. A MSA evaluation will show if your body’s systems are balanced energetically and what support is needed if a system is unbalanced. What you eat, what products you use ~ on your body and in your home and office, how you talk to yourself ~ it all matters!

Would you like to…

  • Stop struggling with health problems?
  • Discover why you just don’t feel good and feel better?
  • Receive guidance on how to restore and retain your vitality?
  • Achieve your career and health goals?  

Contact me to schedule your MSA BioEnergetic scan and discover your body’s biological preferences tailored specifically to assist you achieve a more balanced energetic state! You’ll discover what products work the best for you, save time and money, and regain energetic balance. Perfect for the entire family…pets, too!  Don’t live in Atlanta?  No problem.   We do virtual coaching worldwide! 

I look forward to helping YOU Live a Happy Healthy Life!  Remember, Excellent Health is found along your way, not just at your destination.

Live Well!

Leesa - Photo for linked in and website 2016

Leesa A. Wheeler, CMSAT ~ Certified BioEnergetic Technician

Career Coach & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Artisan, Author of two books…

    Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, GooglePlay, iTunes
Organic Health & Beauty Consultant ~ Neal’s Yard Remedies 
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