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Let’s “Give Together” India Style to Benefit the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign! #ImWithTheBand

Every mustang has a story to tell … some subtle, some extreme. And, every mustang has a mother, a father and a band of brothers and sisters, who raised them well and raised them wild. Until one day man decides it’s time for them be removed from their homes, ripped apart from their families, sorted, and then sentenced to their final fates. A lucky few get released back to the range, some are awarded possible adoption rights, some get stuck in holding for life, and some get lost in the shuffle or are hauled off on a truck to a destination “unknown”…

Watching a mustang mare protect her baby is seeing Mother Nature in her finest form. Her nurturing strength, and her determination and sheer will to defend her baby against any and every threat are no different from our own human feelings when it comes to protecting our young. Thus, returning our senses back to a primitive awareness, and to the simple appreciation of the basics in Iife — family, freedom and love.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.~ Edmund Burke

Our wild horses are in danger!  Are you with the Band?  #ImWithThe Band!

Shop our exclusive collection (using the link below) TODAY through June 23, 2017 and 10% of sales goes to benefit The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign!

Together we will make a life changing difference for our American Wild Horses!
Thanks in advance!

To learn more about the campaign visit to

To learn more about the bands of horses visit

Want to know more About India and The India Hicks Collection

Did you know that India Hicks is the daughter of Interior Design Icon, David Hicks, and the god-daughter of Prince Charles?  She was even a bridesmaid in Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding!  She recently launched a lovely lifestyle collection​ of beauty and accessories (candles, fragrance, scarves, jewelry, bags) inspired by her British heritage, island life, and some madcap daydreams.  The India Hicks Collection is only sold through Partners/Style Ambassadors like me.
Our exclusive collection is…Perfect for self giving and gift giving… year round!
(Birthday, Anniversary, Appreciation, Graduation, Wedding, Bridal Party, Special Occasion, Holidays)
 Growing up, India Hicks’s father created an alphabet of geometric letters. Here they are again, her way!
Legacy Letters …. For Today, For Tomorrow, For Forever… 
Together we will make a life changing difference for our American Wild Horses!
Thanks in advance!
 Leesa A. Wheeler
 India Hicks Style Ambassador 

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