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Organic Your September!

Organic Your September!

Good things happen when you go organic

Who wants to join me? Good things happen when you go organic!

This September let’s make a small change to our everyday shopping and make a big difference.  The buying decisions we make are a simple but powerful form of direct action and small changes really can make a big difference. Swapping to organic food has huge benefits for people, animal welfare and the environment.

The Soil Association has come up with 30 simple and affordable small organic changes we can make throughout the month. To help us on our way, they’ll be sharing a whole host of special offers and exclusive discounts from some of the biggest organic brands and they’ve also teamed up with some of the UK’s best chefs to inspire us with ideas of what we can make using our fresh, seasonal organic produce.

Visit for more info and to download the guide and they’ll also keep us updated on their work transforming the way we eat, farm, and care for our natural world.

Why not also consider the switch to organic products for women, men, and baby? NYR Organic offers organic options for your face, body, hair, bath and shower, organic cosmetics, organic essential oils, organic supplements, organic teas, and more!

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Would feeling fantastic every day make a difference in your life?  

Healthy Highway is a Healthy Lifestyle Company offering Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You!   We help people who are…

  • Wanting Work Life Balance.
  • Needing Stress Relief.
  • Concerned about their health and the environment.
  • Frustrated battling allergies to gluten, foods, dust, chemicals, pollen.
  • Overwhelmed with choosing the best products for their body, home, and office.
  • Unsatisfied with their relationships with the men and women in their life and are ready to transform them into satisfying, happy partnerships.
  • Standing at a Career Crossroad.
  • Preparing to start a family and want a healthy baby.
  • Seeking solutions for aging, more energy, and a good night’s sleep!

Are any of these an issue or problem for you?  Would it make sense for us to spend several minutes together to discuss your needs and how HealthyHighway can meet them? As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach with an emphasis on allergies and wellness, Leesa teaches her clients to make informed choices and enables them to make needed changes for a Happy Healthy Lifestyle. What you eat, what products you use ~ on your body and in your home and office, how you talk to yourself ~ it all matters!

Contact me today and Start today to live a healthier, happier life!  Don’t live in Atlanta?  Not a problem.  We do virtual coaching worldwide!

I look forward to helping YOU Live a Happy Healthy Life!  Remember, Excellent Health is found along your way, not just at your destination.

Live Well!

Leesa A. Wheeler

Leesa A. Wheeler

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Artisan, Author of two books…
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