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Join Me as We Give Together “India Style” to Benefit Well Water Global…providing families with clean water every day of the year!

Did you know that access to clean water is the biggest social/health problem facing our world today?

The (astounding) Facts:

  • There are between 800 million and 1 billion people that have no access to clean drinking water.
  • That’s roughly 1 in 8 people on the globe, and roughly 3 times the population of the United States.  
  • 3.5 million people die each year from drinking bad water – an astounding figure given the preventable nature of the statistic.
  • Diarrhea is the 2nd leading cause of death in infants and children. The majority of diarrheal diseases are caused by unsanitary water.
  • To put it in perspective: in the U.S. we think of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes to be the worst of the worst in terms of the number of victims they claim each year.  Combined, they claim about 1.25 million lives, roughly a mere third the amount that die each year from drinking contaminated water.  
  • The United Nations estimates that half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water-related diseases and illness, and that in developing countries around 80% of all illnesses are caused by poor water and sanitation.  

The amount of suffering caused by contaminated water is literally unfathomable and altogether preventable!

Shop the exclusive India Hicks collection Today through May 13, 2018

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And 10% of sales will benefit Well Water Global, Inc. (  

What your donation accomplishes…

  • A $10.00 donation provides clean well water for one person for life!  
  • A $40.00 donation provides clean well water for a family of four.  
  • A $100.00 donation creates a biosand filter serving 40 people for 10+ years.  (See photo below)

Imagine how many people we can help by building a well.  So, we will be building a community well at a school in Kenya!  Wells are a lasting impact on a community, providing the opportunity for wellness, economic growth, and education.  When clean water access is at school, children are not kept home from school to gather water, in fact they are SENT TO SCHOOL to gather the family’s water. This is a huge shift in their daily lives! It will be an added incentive to get those kids to school instead of keeping them home to help around the house. And really, education is the key to get these families out of poverty.  We’ll even receive the  exact geographic coordinates (longitude/latitude) of the well so you can look it up on the internet and know exactly where it is. That is pretty neat, huh?


Well Water Global is confronting the problem of water contamination by producing Biosand Filters.  These filters last for at least 10 years, have minimal upkeep, and are extremely easy and cheap to produce. We buy all of our materials in the local villages and hire locals to help us build them. This way, we support the local economy as well as we use tools and materials that are local so that the filters can be reproduced by the community members in the future.  One biosand filter costs around $100 depending on the location, and will give clean water to about 40 people for at least 10 years. For only $100 you can provide a future without fear of water-related diseases (and deaths).  This is a life-giving and transforming gift. Give that gift today.


More about India and The India Hicks Collection

Did you know that India Hicks is the daughter of Interior Design Icon, David Hicks, and the god-daughter of Prince Charles?  She was even a bridesmaid in Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding!She recently launched a lovely lifestyle collection​ of beauty and accessories (candles, fragrance, scarves, jewelry, bags) inspired by her British heritage, island life, and some madcap daydreams.  The India Hicks Collection is only sold through Partners/Style Ambassadors like me.
Our exclusive collection is…Perfect for self giving and gift giving… year round!
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Enjoy these feature article​s in Business Insider, ForbesTown & Countryand Town & Country!
Growing up, India Hicks’s father created an alphabet of geometric letters. Here they are again, her way!
Legacy Letters …. For Today, For Tomorrow, For Forever…  And Perfect for Mother’s Day!
Please share with family and friends!  Together we will make a difference!  
Helping others is always in Style!  Thanks in advance!
 Leesa A. Wheeler
 India Hicks Style Ambassador 

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