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5 Super Simple Ways to Be More Productive

5 Super Simple Ways to Be More Productive


Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get  everything done. And while that may be true to a certain extent, for many of us,  what it really boils down to is that we just aren’t using the time we have as  productively as we could. Luckily, there are several small and painless ways to  get around that. Click through for simple strategies to boost your productivity.  Share your own tips in the comments!



1. Take a Power Nap.

Several studies have championed the power of the mid-afternoon nap. A 15-20  minute power nap will help you recharge and refocus your energy, as well as  improve your ability to learn and remember information. (The Power Nap: Tips & Benefits)


2. Eat Right.

They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing! Skipping  breakfast negatively impacts your focus, productivity, and memory. Keeping your  body fueled throughout the day is important, too. Load up on fresh fruits and  veggies, whole grains, nuts, and even the occasional dark chocolate to keep your  brain at full working capacity. Be sure to drink plenty of water, too!


3. Take a Walk… Or a Shower.

In our hyper-connected  world, there are fewer and fewer times in our day when we can just take time to  clear our thoughts. Which is unfortunate, because, often times, this is when our  best ideas come to light. If you’re stuck in a rut, go out for a quick stroll  around the block or, if you can, hop in the shower. You’ll recharge, refresh and  benefit nicely from a change of pace — one study showed a huge jumps in  creativity and productivity when workers took shower breaks during the  day


4. Change Lighting & Temperature.

It’s not just habits that can boost your productivity — it’s also your  environment. One Department of Energy study, for instance, found that workers in  offices with exposure to daylight had better health, fewer absences, and, yes,  increased productivity, than workers who were not exposed to daylight.  Temperature plays a role here, too. Rooms that varied too much far from 77  degrees will hinder your ability to get stuff done. Use a fan or an air  conditioner in the summer, and a space heater or a sweater in the winter, to  keep your body at an optimal temperature.


5. Look at Photos of  Cute Things.

Don’t mind if I do! Researchers in Japan found that, after viewing pictures  of adorable animals, babies, and other cute things, participants’ concentration  shot up by a whopping 44%. Why, exactly? Well, researchers think it connects to  our natural urge to nurture and protect adorable, harmless creatures — a task  that requires plenty of concentration.

By Katie Waldeck

Katie is a freelance writer focused on pets, food and women’s issues. A  Chicago native and longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Katie now lives  in Oakland, California.


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