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Beloved Bella

Beloved Bella  

 With her enduring expression of love, I began each day smiling.

snorting, she arrives bedside

many morning kisses

understanding, unconditional love, and acceptance;

our communication, a language all our own

so special

showing me I can love again.


Looking into our eyes, we saw beyond our hearts, sharing an amazing life

“I see you!”

 I said to her so many times.


The tender touch of her nose on my face;

training together, constant companions

her expressions, her voice, her sounds, her touch, her thinking.


Embracing everything that made her her

forever friends

charming companion

the love of my life, a gift from God

absolutely and always the best

a blessing beyond belief

gifts given of devotion, happiness, love, joy. 


Beside beloved Bella as she took her last breath

 peace and healing now hers,

honoring our commitment, her spirit soars!


 Arrival in heaven

now with God, her creator, the one who made her so special

separated for a time.


A lap ride for her first time and last time home;

my aching heart cries out!

grace given by God.


Our heavenly reunion awaits

moments become memories and

with her enduring expression of love, I begin each day smiling.

                                                                                                                         Leesa A. Wheeler

March 1999 ~ July 2011

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