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8 Habits Your Body Loves

8 Habits Your Body Loves

We often associate habits with “bad habits” — the kind your doctor asks about, or you laugh about with your friends. Here are eight “good habits” that your body will love you for. Anyone can do them. You can do these  every day till they become your excellent healthy way of living.  Staying healthy is then easy! It just takes commitment to keep on doing them. Are you ready to make a wonderful difference in your wellness?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”  – Aristotle

1. Drink 2 to 3 cups water first thing in the morning.

  • Drink warm or hot water. It’s gentler on an empty stomach.
  • It is important that the water has nothing in it so that is passes through right away. If it contains anything at all (even lemon juice), it will stay in your stomach up to one hour not going into cleansing mode.
  • The water will flush your kidneys and bladder clean out fasting debris from your stomach and colon.

2. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

That means getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night. If you are still feeling tired it is recommended to take short naps of 15–30 minutes.

What happens when we do not get enough sleep?

  • Your immune system is taxed, making you vulnerable to viruses. Your immune system rebuilds while you sleep.
  • You are therefore more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as the common cold.
  • The brain needs to clean itself of toxins. Brain cells shrink during sleep, opening the gaps between neurons that allow fluid to wash the brain clean, according to study in the Journal Science.
  • People gain weight when not getting enough sleep. Even just a few nights of sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. – Research from the University of Pennsylvania found.

3. Eat Lots of  Organic Vegetables (no, potatoes don’t count!) Every Day

Fill your plate three quarters full of vegetables.


  • Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • On average, there are only 50 calories (or less) per cup in most of the most nutritious vegetables. (what I call PowerFoods)
  • Powerfoods are high fiber foods that help cleanse your bowels, and thus your whole body.
  • For a healthy Acid/Alkaline balance your plate needs to be three quarters full of vegetables.

4. Breathe Deeply

Few of us breathe deeply. Do you remember the last time you took a long, slow, deep breath, and slowly let it out again?

  • Deep breathing can help reduce stress. We often eat more when stressed.
  • Breathing exercises will help strengthen your lungs.
  • Breathing mindfully increases energy, still the mind and lifts the spirits.

5. Control the Salt Habit

  • Adults worldwide consume almost double the daily amount of salt recommended.
  • This leads to weight gain, bloating, and the inability to lose those stubborn pounds.
  • Salt can make you feel hungrier and thirstier.
  • A belly will go down quickly just by cutting back on your sodium intake and eating more vegetables.
  • Note: A little salt is good for your body. Don’t eliminate salt entirely.

6. Make Time for Relaxation and Meditation

  • If you have a meditation technique, try doing it in the morning before getting out of bed, for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • If you don’t meditate, simply put on relaxing music, close your eyes and breathe, trying not to get caught up in your thoughts, watch them.

7. Keep Fit

  • To start, go for a walk of 20 – 30 minutes every day.
  • A regular exercise program of at least 30 minutes several days a week will help build a strong immune system and help weight drop off, too.
  • Being fit will help you recover quicker if you do get sick.

8. Keep Sugar Highs and Lows in Check

  • Sugar Cravings can rule you because they are an addiction. You will need to develop some new habits to overcome them.

           Why do we need to keep the sugar out?

  • Sugar: Makes you fat, nervous, causes diabetes, kidney and heart problems, suppresses the immune system and causes wrinkles!
  • Sugar cravings are often due to lack of nutrients creating an undernourished, hungry body. Keep your body nourished with lots of real food and extra nutritional supplements.
  • They look good, but it’s important to stay away from sugar.

Things to do to help reduce sugar:

  • Eat fresh and dried fruit instead of sugary sweets.
  • Keep fully hydrated.
  • Don’t skip meals.  When you miss regular meals; you create a starving situation in your body and you will eat anything to bring your blood sugar level back to normal — and you know what that means.
  • No sweets in your cupboards or fridge. It is too tempting to have them available.
  • When craving strikes, go for a walk.
  • Are food cravings & addictions ruling you? Listen to this free cravings webinar:  Cravings Webinar

Everything is habit forming, so make sure what you do is what you want to be doing.” — Wilt Chamberlain


All these habits are pretty obvious and simple to start. The trick is doing them long enough so they are an established part of your routine. This will take time and attention.   To help you with this, check out the 2 5 30 Online Courses in which you can learn new habits and balance out your body. They are focused on alkalizing your body permanently and also applying food combining principles.  There will not a single bit of sugar in any of the healthy recipes.

By Diana Herrington

Diana Herrington turned a debilitating health crisis into a passion for helping others with healthy, sugar-free, gluten-free, eating and cooking. After testing and researching every possible healthy therapy on her delicate system she has developed simple, powerful principles which she shares in her recent book Eating Green and Lean, and as host to Care2 groups: Healthy Living Network and Healthy Cooking. She is the head chef at Real Food for Life, where she shares recipes and tips.


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Leesa A. Wheeler

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5 Good (And Bad) Habits Of Really Smart People

5 Good (And Bad) Habits Of Really Smart People


Our culture loves to idolize smart, successful people. Although I might argue  that society’s real heroes can be found in classrooms and farm fields, we  need these brilliant outliers to shake things up and show us what’s  possible.

Incredibly smart, successful people make it look easy,  developing revolutionary technologies or creating works of art that astound us  for generations. What you don’t often see is the hard work and discipline that  allowed them to achieve their dreams. You also don’t see the embarrassing stuff,  the dirty little secrets that may only come out when their lives are reproduced  in Hollywood.

Although there’s no one sure path to success, you can’t deny that most smart  people have a few things in common. Good habits helped to keep them on the right  path, despite personal setbacks or professional failures. On the flip side, some  could have enjoyed much longer and productive lives if they’d had more control  over bad habits.

Normally, I’d advise against trying to live like someone else, but emulating  these key habits can do the same for all of us. Just make sure it’s the good  habits you copy, and not the destructive ones.

The Habits of Smart People

Image via Thinkstock

Beth Buczynski

Beth is a freelance writer and editor living in the Rocky Mountain West. So  far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is  passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth  on Twitter as @ecosphericblog or check out her blog.


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Live Well!

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8 Healthy Habits for the New Year

8 Healthy Habits for the New Year


Happy almost new year! It’s that time when a lot of us are looking ahead and  thinking of what resolutions we’re going to make for the coming year. Instead of  vague or short-term goals this year, why not resolve to start a healthy habit  that you really want to stick with?

Have you ever noticed how the gym is extra crowded that first week in  January? By mid-January the wait time for that elliptical trainer is a little  bit more reasonable, and by the end of February things have pretty much settled  back to normal. That surge in gym-going is a great example of how new year’s  resolutions often work: we set out with the best of intentions, but our  resolutions are too big or too vague to really follow through with them all year  long.

Starting a healthy habit takes time. I’ve read a lot about starting habits,  and depending on what source you’re looking at, it can take anywhere from 21 to  66 days. That means that you need to practice something regularly for anywhere  from a few weeks over two months to really make it part of your routine. And  that’s if you’re practicing every day.

If your healthy habit is doing something once a week or less, it’s going to  take longer. Going into this with reasonable expectations is key to building  healthy habits that stick!

What’s great about starting a habit is that once you establish it as part of  your routine, it stops being a chore and starts being part of your routine.  Brushing your teeth in the morning is a great example of a habit. We wake up  bleary-eyed, and for many of us the first thing we do is stumble into the  bathroom and grab that toothbrush. It’s almost a reflex, right?

New years resolutions so often are something vague – like “get in  shape,” but vagaries are hard to stick to. Check out these ideas for healthy  habits that you can form in 2013, and remember: practice makes  perfect!

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gratitude: you're great!

1)    Start a  Gratitude Jar

Practicing gratitude is such a great habit to get into, and turning that  practice into something physical can help you remember to be grateful for what  you have every day. Get yourself a mason jar or a small vase, and every day,  write down something that you’re grateful for and stick the paper in the  jar.

Your moment of gratitude can be as simple as something like, “Made an amazing  pot of coffee this morning!” to bigger things like, “Got a promotion at work  today!” Remember to date your moments of gratitude, so you can jog your memory  about them later on.

At the end of the year (or when times are feeling a little rough), you get to  sort through the jar and enjoy all of the little blessings from the past year.  It’s so easy to take those small things for granted, and having them all in one  place helps remind us of how lucky we are. (Leesa recommends a gratitude journal to write down at least 5 things you are thankful for each day! When you focus on all that is good in your life, you change and your life will change!)  


learn a skill: making sushi

2)    Learn a New  Skill

Have you always wanted to learn how to make pottery or cook Indian food?  Instead of just resolving to do those things, sign up for a class!

I know, pottery and cooking classes can be expensive. If you don’t have the  money in your budget for a class, spend some time googling and see what  resources you can find online. Then, create yourself a structured schedule and  block out time each week to practice whatever it is you’re trying to learn. For  the Indian food example, maybe you can bookmark a dozen recipes, and try making  one or two a week, starting with the ones that seem simplest.

You can also invest in a book, which can be very helpful. Sometimes having a  tangible item can help keep you motivated.

get regular exercise

3)    Getting Regular  Exercise

As cliche as it sounds, a lot of us do want to lose some weight in the new  year, and that’s OK! Focusing on weight loss tends to be ineffective, though.  Instead, try focusing on getting regular exercise.

One of the best ways I’ve found to incorporate exercise into my schedule has  been…incorporating it into my schedule! Literally. Whether you use a day planner  or a digital calendar to keep up with appointments, schedule those workout just  like you’d schedule a work meeting or a lunch date.

You can join a gym, but you can also just buy a pair of tennis shoes and head  outdoors for your workouts. Walking and jogging outside are totally free  activities that almost anyone can do. It can also help to pick up a program,  like Couch to 5K, or sign up for an event like a race. Training towards  something specific is very motivating!

cooking at home

4)    Cooking at  Home

“Eat healthier” is another common resolution that’s hard to keep. Instead of  just resolving to improve your diet, try focusing on something more concrete.  When we cook at home, we tend to eat healthier food than when we go out or order  takeout.

That doesn’t mean you have to toss your favorite Chinese delivery menu in the  recycle bin! If you eat most of your meals from restaurants now, try cooking at  home once or twice a week to start, and add in more meals as you get more  comfortable in the kitchen.

Related Reading: 5  Essential Vegan and Vegetarian Cookbooks

When you choose your recipes for home-cooking, look for ones that have  healthy doses of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein. You can  grab a couple of healthy cookbooks to get you motivated or search online for  recipes. Cooking  Light and Epicurious  both have searchable recipe databases, and you can even look for specific  ingredients, if there’s something in the fridge that you need to cook before it  goes bad!

quit smoking

5)    Replace a Bad  Habit with a Good One

Are you a smoker? Is sugar your weakness? Do you love diet soda? We all have  vices, and cutting back or cutting out one of yours can mean a healthier,  happier 2013.

The trouble with a resolution like “quit smoking” is that on its own, it’s a  pretty daunting task. Instead of just resolving to give up a bad, try replacing  it with a good one. Quitting smoking is hard, but what if you’re trying to start  a running regimen at the same time? Suddenly, your smoking is holding you back  from another goal, which makes it a little easier to say no to the bad  habit.

For something like diet soda or sugar, replace those unhealthy treats with  healthy ones. Next time you want to reach for a diet coke, grab a fizzy water  and sass it up with a squeeze of lemon or a shot of juice. Put down that cookie  and grab a tangerine instead.

The other key to ditching bad habits is not beating yourself up if you slip.  So, you had a few drinks at the bar and smoked a cigarette last night. You can’t  change that. Just don’t smoke today! Or tomorrow. Go easy on yourself, and  remember that your goal is a long term one.


6)    Practice  Mindfulness

It’s easy to make snap decisions – sometimes ones we regret – in stressful  situations. When that happens, we just end up even more stressed out! This year,  resolve to try being more mindful in tough situations. Try to remember to take a  step back and look at the big picture. Whether you’re faced with a time crunch  at work or a family emergency, I bet you’ll find yourself making better choices  and stressing less.

The key is finding better, concrete ways to deal with your  stress right there in the moment. Try taking a deep breath and slowly counting  to five when you feel things getting out of control. Or even learn when it’s  time to remove yourself from a situation to give yourself a little  perspective.

Mindfulness can also be about celebrating what’s good in our lives. Pairing  up this resolution with another one, like the  gratitude jar, can help you remember what’s important in life when times get  a little stressful.

self care: take a tea or coffee break

7)    Practice Self  Care

Self care is all about taking the time to care for your own emotional needs.  We can get so caught up in the day-to-day that we neglect our own mental health.  When you practice self care, you not only improve your own happiness, but you  set yourself up to approach the rest of your day with a more positive attitude  and more energy.

Practice a little self care every day, and when you make this resolution decide what that means to you. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  It could be as simple as taking the dog for a walk while you listen to your  favorite podcast or spending 20 minutes one evening painting your nails. Just do  one small thing for yourself.

Whenever I talk about self care, I like to share this video from Twin Peaks.  It’s a little bit cheesy, but I think the point he makes is spot on. Treat  yourself every day, and you’ll be happier and healthier.

volunteering at a soup kitchen

8)    Volunteer Your  Time

One of the best ways that we can improve ourselves is by giving back to  others. Try signing up to walk dogs at the local shelter or help out once a week  at the local food bank. Giving back improves your community, and you get to go  home feeling warm and fuzzy. Everybody wins!

We are all blessed with so much, and taking time each week or even a couple  of times a month to give back can help remind us of how lucky we are.

Do you have a healthy habit planned for 2013? I’d love to hear your  healthy new year’s resolutions in the comments!

Becky Striepe

Becky Striepe is a freelance writer and vegan crafter living in Atlanta,  Georgia. Her life’s mission is to make green crafting and vegan food accessible  to everyone! Like this article? You can follow  Becky on Twitter or find her on  Facebook!

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