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Leesa A. Wheeler joins San Lorenzo International Recycled Leather Design Team

     Leesa A. Wheeler joins San Lorenzo International Recycled Leather Design Team!

                San Lorenzo - All products gift mart


ATLANTA San Lorenzo, an international firm and leader in recycled leather products for home, office, and travel is proud to announce the addition of Leesa A. Wheeler to their design team and to introduce her new design to their product line… Pranzo, a recycled leather lunchbox!  Pranzo, which is Italian for “lunch,” is affluent, affordable, and available in an array of colors for men and women!   It’s the perfect bag for a luscious lunch, a perfect picnic, or simply snacks!

Unable to find a stylish lunchbox to compliment today’s fashion and one that was eco-friendly, Leesa followed her instinct and designed the perfect, uncompromising solution ~ Pranzo,  a recycled Italian leather lunch bag! “Living environmentally responsible doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style.  This is where fashion and function meet green and it’s simply beautiful!” stated Leesa.

Leesa’s previous design experience includ custom accessory designs for two Atlanta Fashion Designers, J Reynolds and Marie De George, international couturiere.  A love of fashion, along with the realization that she possessed a superb insight into fashion trends and styles of accessories, inspired Leesa into designing her own accessories.  So, she launched La Bijoux, specializing in couture, bridal, pageant, and formal wear accessory designs. Ms. Wheeler worked with pageants on local, state, national, and international levels.

After only one year of designing, Leesa became the exclusive accessory designer for J Reynolds, the Atlanta designer known for his outrageously formal and exotic creations.  La Bijoux accessories have been featured in the J Reynolds national advertisements seen in MODERN BRIDE, SEVENTEEN, SASSY, BRIDES, YOUR PROM, PAGEANTRY, ELEGANT BRIDE and “WWDWOMEN’S WEAR DAILY.  Her designs were also frequently shown in fashion shows from New York to Los Angeles to Atlanta.   Marie De George, international couturiere, also featured La Bijoux when creating that special look for her custom pageant and bridal gowns, couture, and formal wear. Together their designs have been worn by numerous state, national, and international pageant contestants and winners.

In 2005, inspired by her best friend who didn’t want to wear a traditional blue garter for her summer wedding, Leesa returned to her love of design and solved her friend’s dilemma ~ she designed a wedding anklet! Sexy, Simple, Stunning, Stylish ~ the wedding anklet adds just the touch of blue necessary for every bride!  Leesa’s love of pearls led her to dolma, a contemporary concept for the world’s most ancient gemstone!   You will discover several of her designs… Dove, Raindrop, Coco, La Luna (her anklet), and La Vina (her clustered pearl pendant)… available among your dolma choices!   La Ovala © is Leesa’s solution to an earring that stays in your ears and needs no backing!  Shop your jewelry box and create a new look! Leesa’s La Ovala © earring finding is available in sterling silver, 14kt gold, and platinum and only at Milano Fine Jewelry in Cumming, GA.

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Author, and Artisan, Leesa A. Wheeler and San Lorenzo president, Stefano Nati share a conscious choice to make a difference in our environment.  According to Leesa Wheeler, “Customers using our Recycled Leather products have taken an important step in being environmentally responsible.  By making environmentally responsible choices in the products we use everyday, we are demonstrating stewardship of our natural resources.   Using Pranzo benefits this generation and future generations.”

About      Do you Live Well?  Would you enjoy discovering solutions that will improve all areas of your life?  As a Health Coach with an emphasis on allergies and wellness, Leesa teaches her clients to make informed choices and enables them to make needed changes for an optimal lifestyle. What you eat, what you actually absorb from your food and supplements, what products you use ~ on your body, in your home and office, how you talk to yourself ~ it all matters!   Excellent Health is one of your most important assets!  On Healthy Highway you’ll discover a resource reservoir of healthy lifestyle solutions and eco-friendly products  and services for a healthy body, mind, and spirit ~ a healthier home and office, a healthier you and a healthier pet!   For more information, visit

About San Lorenzo      At San Lorenzo, we believe it is possible to offer a superior product, combining the attributes of quality and style with an accessible price tag.  We offer a beautiful and welcome alternative “Made in Italy” which appeals to a more discriminating clientele.  So what does “Made in Italy” mean?  To us, it means style, color, tradition, and cutting edge design!  Quality and unique design are the hallmarks of our high-fashion bags, created in Italy of regenerated leather.  Recycled leather contributes to the well-being of our environment since wasted scraps are used for its production.  The coating is also a pure aqueous based finish, without the use of solvents.

  Order your Pranzo Today!

To order,  visit 

or go  directly to the Pranzo page featuring Pranzo’s color Palette  to order!

Use coupon code LEESA on a $50.00+ order and receive $5.00 off your purchase!  
Wholesale and Private Label options are also available. 

Contact Leesa for details at 770-713-3570 or

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Pranzo’s Versatility

San Lorenzo bag with NYR products - peek inside the bag view                             San Lorenzo bag with NYR products - another inside the bag view
Pranzo - baby travel bag
Pranzo Baby Travel Bag
Pranzo - pcinic bag
Pranzo Picnic Bag
Pranzo Wine Gift Bag
Pranzo - baby bag
Pranzo Baby Bag
Pranzo - purse bag
Pranzo Purse Bag
Pranzo - dog park bag
Pranzo Dog Park/ Dog Walk Bag
Pranzo - lunch bag
Pranzo Lunch Bag
Pranzo baby girl bag
Pranzo Baby Girl Bag
Pranzo Baby boy Bag
Pranzo Baby Boy Bag
Pranzo Trio of bags - Red, Turg, Chocolate
Pranzo Trio of Bags
 To order,  visit 
or go  directly to the Pranzo page featuring Pranzo’s color Palette  to order!
Use coupon code LEESA on a $50.00+ order and receive $5.00 off your purchase!

Wholesale and Private Label options are also available. 

Contact Leesa for details at 770-713-3570 or

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5 Ways to Clear the Air and Stay Healthy

5 Ways to Clear the Air & Stay Healthy

Airborne chemicals are embedded inside our homes. They swirl around us as  toxic gases emitted from the poorly-labeled bottles of cleaning fluids in our  kitchens and bathrooms, from the bug sprays and air fresheners we use, and from  the glues, sealants, and flame retardants in our furniture. They are also  dragged inside our homes on the bottoms of our shoes and then stirred up when we  walk on our carpets. Studies have shown that the air that surrounds us indoors is  more toxic than the air outdoors…even if you live in a highly polluted city like  Los Angeles or New York.

Airborne chemicals are known as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. They are  called volatile because they don’t stay put…they evaporate into the air and then  you breathe them in. You never really think that your home could make you tired,  irritable or even sick, but over time your body may absorb common VOCs like formaldehyde, phthalates, or PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl  ethers) which are the chemicals in flame retardants used in furniture, which  have been found in human breast milk and dryer lint.

These chemicals may exacerbate allergies and asthma, and can cause fatigue, nausea, dizziness, eye, nose  and throat irritation, cough, headache, flu-like symptoms, and skin irritation.  As they accumulate in the body over time they can silently affect how efficient  your body runs, like whether you can maintain a healthy metabolism, burn fat  well, and keep your hormones in balance. Some also are known to cause heart,  lung or kidney damage and even cancer and nerve damage if exposure is prolonged.  This in turn can have a devastating effect on your health. If your liver, for  instance, becomes taxed by an overburden of chemicals, it may not work  efficiently, setting you up for other health problems.

There are literally millions of chemicals that have been invented by humans in the last 60  years and depending on who you ask, somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 are in  common use today. Yet only a very tiny percentage have ever been directly tested  for their effects on human health.

Our bodies are remarkably resilient in defending ourselves from these  chemicals, but only to a point. Scientists question the cumulative effect. It is common  sense to believe that the more chemicals you are exposed to, the more likely you  will eventually be negatively affected by them. Here are some easy and effective  ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals in your home and minimize your risk of  getting sick. They are simple to do and will give you peace of mind in knowing  you are doing something proactive to help you and your family stay healthy.

5 Ways to Reduce Toxins by Clearing the Air:

  • Remove your shoes at the front door. Shoes track in lead,  pesticides and other pollutants. Stuff we track in from the outside can make our  home toxic, especially for pets and young children who spend more time on the  floor. At the very least get a good doormat to wipe your shoes before entering  your home.
  • Vacuum with a well-sealed high quality HEPA vacuum cleaner.  This can do a much better job of cleaning your carpets than the cheaper vacuum  cleaners found at most department stores. Steam cleaning can kill dust mites and  bacteria as well.
  • Avoid buying new upholstered furniture containing halogenated fire  retardants. If it contains polyurethane foam, look for models where the  foam is thickly covered or wrapped inside the cushion so dust from it is less  likely to escape into your home. See if they offer non-toxic stain resistant  fabrics as well.
  • Use an air purifier. Try one with HEPA  (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) technology developed by the US Atomic  Energy Commission to filter and trap sub-micron particles. Many reviews say this  type of air purifier is the most effective.
  • Add houseplants to green and purify your living space. A NASA  study found that common houseplants are natural air purifiers. Look for Aloe  Vera, Philodendron, Rubber Plant, English Ivy, Ficus, Boston Fern, Gerbera  Daisy, and Spider Plant, to name a few.

For more practical, simple solutions on how to have a super healthy home  or work environment, visit and

By Beth Greer

Beth Greer, The Super Natural  Mom®, is author of the bestseller Super Natural Home, endorsed by  Deepak Chopra and Ralph Nader. She’s a radio talk show host, former  President/Co-Owner of The Learning Annex, Certified Build It Green® Healthy  Home/Workplace Specialist, Huffington Post columnist, and Environmental Health  Consultant, who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or  surgery. Beth is a trusted consumer advocate in the Natural Product and  Sustainability Market and consults for spas, homes, businesses, schools and  health centers nationwide.

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