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What’s Your Birth Color?

What’s Your Birth Color? (Chart)

The “Color Wheel of Life” follows the progression of the seasons,  showing  what colors they’re associated with and what qualities they  bring to life.  Whether you’re picking inspiring colors for the objects in your living space,  seeking crystals for healing, or just trying to understand more about the  influence different colors have on your mind, this chart (below) can help you  discover the color you were born to. Crystal Vaults describes how to start using it:

“The wheel is read in counterclockwise order.  Start from the  winter solstice at the top and follow the color wheel and the  year  around to the left. The second inner ring shows the days of the year as   the year and the color changes progress through the greens of spring,  the  yellows of summer, and the reds of autumn.”

To discover what your birth color is and what it means, you can explore the  chart below. What’s yours? Share with us in the comments!

(Credit: Crystal Vaults)

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