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Introducing the newest products in the ASEA VIA nutritional line…

Introducing the newest products in the ASEA VIA nutritional line…

Long-term health depends on proper nutrition. But even the most deliberate food choices may not give you the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Supplements can be a great way to fill in the gaps. ASEA VIA is what its name suggests: the pathway to complete, long-term wellness. The nutrients in this line of supplements deliver the nutritional foundation for true, complete wellness.


ASEA VIA Source™
A Whole-Food Micronutrient Complex

A Full-Spectrum Probiotic

An Active Lifestyle and Vitality Formula

For all things ASEA VIA including more product information, visit

ASEA VIA availability…

United States Product begins shipping 17 September
Canada Product begins shipping 17 September as NFR
Mexico Product begins shipping the first half of October
Australia & New Zealand Product begins shipping 1 October as NFR
Europe Product begins shipping the first half of November
Hong Kong & Singapore Product begins shipping 15 October
Taiwan Product begins shipping in early 2019
Thailand TBD

Each ASEA VIA product is formulated for maximum bioavailability and works together with ASEA REDOX and other VIA products for complete cellular health and nutrition.  ASEA’s proprietary Redox Signaling science provides support and health at the cellular level.  You can’t have a healthy body unless you have healthy cells! 

To order your ASEA products, visit  (Watching the Science  of ASEA video is a must see!)  

Thanks in advance for visiting my ASEA website! As you review its contents, I hope you get a feel for the groundbreaking products and the lucrative business opportunity that await you at ASEA.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to you one-on-one and answer any questions you may have about any aspect of ASEA.

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