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Make 2017 the year to rid yourself of Toxic things and join me and NYR Organic in Atlanta for a special event!


Neal’s Yard Remedies ~ Join us in Atlanta for a special event!  

My inbox has been flooded recently with requests to share red hearts.  Here is what I will share instead:

  • 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in the US.  
  • 10% of cancer is genetic so guess what?…  
  • We have the ability to control what is in our environment and going into our body.  
  • 80% of what we put on our bodies gets absorbed through our skin.  Our breasts are like magnets for storing toxic chemicals found in everyday products.  
  • The first time someone is told by doctors to stay clear of chemicals in their products is when they are already diagnosed with cancer.  
  • That’s not good enough for me and it shouldn’t be for you.  Prevention is key, Education is key, making a change is key!  
  • What you eat, the products you use on your body, in your home and office matters!  This fuels my fire to educate.  There are 133 million families in the US and it is important that we teach them about safe alternatives. 

Make 2017 the year to rid yourself of Toxic things and join me and NYR Organics in Atlanta for a special event!

At NYR we’re passionate about transforming people’s lives, by empowering them to live more healthily through the power of nature.  Come mingle, meet new people, and sample our award-winning certified organic products and hear more about the NYR Organic business opportunity!  

All guests will receive a free gift!

Date:  January 29, 2017

Time:  2-4pm EST
Place:  5 Seasons North
              3655 Old Milton Pkwy
              Alpharetta, GA 30005
I look forward to seeing you there!  May your New Year be Happy, Healthy and Absolutely Extraordinary!
(Don’t live in Atlanta?  Join us in one of these other cities…

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Live Life Beautifully and to your greatest health and career success!

Leesa - Photo for linked in and website 2016

Leesa A. Wheeler, CMSAT ~ Certified BioEnergetic Technician

Career Coach & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Organic Health & Beauty Consultant

Author of two books…
     Live Well… Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You! 

     Melodies from Within 

    Available on AmazonBarnes&NobleGooglePlayiTunes

ring ~ 770-393-4127 / 770-713-3570 cell

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coach, consult ~ Don’t live in Atlanta?  No problem.  We coach worldwide! 

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Interested in discovering the Ins and Outs of Local Food Resources, Proper Food Preparations, and Ingredient Sleuthing?

lummi salmon

Join me as Heather Welsh leads us on a month long journey through the ins and outs of local food resources, proper food preparations, and ingredient sleuthing.  Each day we will discuss at least one food item or food group in depth and one ingredient often found in personal products.   This Food/Ingredient Intensive Facebook Course takes place on Augus 14, 2016 through September 16, 2016.

Don’t live in Atlanta?  No problem.  No matter where you live you will know what to look for and the questions to ask to locate local healthy food for you and your family.  When possible, Heather will provide online resources where you can obtain quality products that can’t be found locally at a great price.

The course will be taught nightly from 9-10 pm EST via Video, Posts, and Q&A, and occur in a private Facebook group. Using this medium will ensure that you will not miss anything because everything will be posted for everyone to see so if you are out a night or two you can easily catch up.

There will be two 2-hour conference calls.  And for those local to Atlanta, a trip to DeKalb Farmer’s Market, and to a local farmer’s market is included. Those in the class will select dates and times for the farmer’s market trips.  Course content will be interactive and will be dictated by the students with Heather’s guidnce.

Class cost is $100.00 per person.  Please send your $100 payment via PayPal and select the “friends and family option” to

(Please be sure to tell Heather that Leesa referred you!)  Once your payment has been received, you will be added to the facebook group.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Got questions?  Contact or 770-367-5298.

Meet Heather…

Heather Welsh photo

Heather is a Consumer Advocate and local food Consultant. Her goal is to help bring quality nutrient dense local food to families and children in the most affordable manner possible. Serving for over 10 years as a Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, offering Local Food Cooking and Fermentation Classes, and leading tours at several Pastured Based Farms in and around the Atlanta Area, she has developed a keen understanding and appreciation for quality food and the methods used to produce it.  Furthermore, her previous experience as a Sourcing Director for a local organic restaurant offers additional understanding to the importance of seasonality and what to be on the look-out for when dining out.

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Each person is unique and deserves a personalized approach when it comes to living healthy.  So, have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your body energetically?

A Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) evaluation detects energy changes in the body and accesses data about the body’s functional status. This technology utilizes Chinese meridian theory and modern quantum physics. MSA provides extraordinary new perspective on the state of the body’s energetic health. A MSA evaluation will show if your body’s systems are balanced energetically and what support is needed if a system is unbalanced. What you eat, what products you use ~ on your body and in your home and office, how you talk to yourself ~ it all matters!

Would you like to…

  • Stop struggling with health problems?
  • Discover why you just don’t feel good?
  • Receive guidance on how to restore and retain your vitality?
  • Achieve your health goals and feel better?  

Contact me to schedule your MSA BioEnergetic scan and discover your body’s biological preferences tailored specifically to assist you achieve a more balanced energetic state! You’ll discover what products work the best for you, save time and money, and regain energetic balance. Perfect for the entire family…pets, too!  Don’t live in Atlanta?  No problem.   We do virtual coaching worldwide! 

I look forward to helping YOU Live a Happy Healthy Life!  Remember, Excellent Health is found along your way, not just at your destination.

Live Well!

Leesa A. Wheeler

Leesa A. Wheeler, CMSAT ~ Certified BioEnergetic Technician

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Artisan, Author of two books…

    Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, GooglePlay, iTunes
Organic Health & Beauty Consultant ~ Neal’s Yard Remedies 
(World’s Top 10 Ethical Brands/Companies 2015!)

ring ~ 770-393-1284

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(Don’t live in Atlanta?  Not a problem!  We do virtual coaching worldwide!)

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You’re Invited to my On-Line NYR Organic Holiday Extravaganza…


You’re Invited to my On-Line NYR Organic Holiday Extravaganza from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere! For every order placed using the party link below from Sunday, December 13, 2015  –  Tuesday, December 15, 2015 @ midnight EST Your name will be entered to WIN NYR Organic Products. 
You will love our NYR Organic Gift Boxes/Gift Sets and over 400 Organic Personal Care and Wellness Products to choose from for the whole family!

Consider giving these beautiful, luxurious Organic Gift’s Handmade with Love!  Not only is our skincare handmade in Britain, so are our beautiful eco-gift boxes. Designed to be loved and reused for years to come, each box is hand-crafted using carbon balanced paper, which is helping to protect endangered tropical forests, and printed with vegetable-based inks.

All are certified by the World Land Trust.

Want to avoid waiting in lines and sitting in traffic?  Shop, and Save Today! (Flat Rate Shipping of $7.95 in the US mainland and $10.95 for Hawaii & Alaska.) 

ORDER before Dec. 15th to take advantage of these Special Savings! 
*Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Organic Gifts ENDS Dec.15. 
*Buy 2 of our NEW Organic Gift Collections and receive 1 FREE!
(This very special offer is while stocks last.  Be sure to enter 3 gifts into your order for the offer to activate.)
*20% OFF our most popular stocking stuffers. 
*Holiday guaranteed DELIVERY DATE. is December 15th midnight EST for Standard Delivery and December 18th 1pm EST for Express Delivery.  
(All orders placed on or before this date will be guaranteed for delivery by December 25th.  Be sure to place your order on or before this date.) 
Contact me if you would like me to place your order for you and I’ll take care of all the details! 
May your Christmas be filled with the blessings of the season!


Leesa A. Wheeler

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Would feeling fantastic every day make a difference in your life?  

Healthy Highway is a Healthy Lifestyle Company offering Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You!   We help people who are…

  • Wanting Work Life Balance.
  • Needing Stress Relief.
  • Concerned about their health and the environment.
  • Frustrated battling allergies to gluten, foods, dust, chemicals, pollen.
  • Overwhelmed with choosing the best products for their body, home, and office.
  • Unsatisfied with their relationships with the men and women in their life and are ready to transform them into satisfying, happy partnerships.
  • Standing at a Career Crossroad.
  • Preparing to start a family and want a healthy baby.
  • Seeking solutions for aging, more energy, and a good night’s sleep!

Are any of these an issue or problem for you?  Would it make sense for us to spend several minutes together to discuss your needs and how HealthyHighway can meet them? As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach with an emphasis on allergies and wellness, Leesa teaches her clients to make informed choices and enables them to make needed changes for a Happy Healthy Lifestyle. What you eat, what products you use ~ on your body and in your home and office, how you talk to yourself ~ it all matters!

Contact me today and Start today to live a healthier, happier life!  Don’t live in Atlanta?  Not a problem.  We do virtual coaching worldwide!

I look forward to helping YOU Live a Happy Healthy Life!  Remember, Excellent Health is found along your way, not just at your destination.

Live Well!

Leesa A. Wheeler

Leesa A. Wheeler

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Artisan, Author of two books…
     Melodies from Within ~ Available Now! 
    Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, GooglePlay, iTunes

Member International Association for Health Coaches 

ring ~ 770-393-1284

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(Don’t live in Atlanta?  Not a problem!  We do virtual coaching worldwide!)

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Join Me for A Must See and Experience Event in Atlanta on July 9, 2013 and Discover Your True Potential!

Please join me at the Exclusive Atlanta Film Screening of “Change : The LifeParticle Effect Film – Screening and National Lecture Tour”!  It’s a Must See and Experience Event! 

          Tuesday, July 9, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM EDT


          Roswell Cultural Arts Center 950 Forrest St. Roswell, GA 30075

To see a trailer of the feature film, please visit:

If you could change anything about your life, what would you change?

Reserve your seat today! Tickets are $30.00

*You may buy your ticket directly from me

* Buy your ticket by calling Dahn Yoga in Buckhead at 404-252-1881.  They will mail you your tickets or you may stop by the center and pick them up. 

Dahn Yoga, a national leader in health and wellness, proudly presents the CHANGE TOUR a nationwide film screening and lecture event of Change: The LifeParticle Effect, a film about first discovering, then actualizing your true human potential. The CHANGE film is a groundbreaking documentary created by Dahn Yoga founder and NY Times Bestselling Author Ilchi Lee as an offering to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life but feels stuck. Leaders in the fields of education, medicine, neuroscience and spirituality such as Ilchi Lee, Neale Donald Walsch, and Stuart Hameroff, share their insight and techniques to effect real change in our lives and in the world. This film simply illustrates the relationship between consciousness and matter, proposing that the two exist as a single unit at the fundamental levels of reality. Thus, reality is changeable. Everything exists as potential, just waiting for you to choose how you want it to present itself in your life. This film is more than just informational – it is transformational. In addition to the main film screening event, the CHANGE TOUR will include a lecture by a film creator and Executive Producer, Ilchi Lee.

OUR FEATURED GUEST ILCHI LEE In 2013, the CHANGE TOUR features Ilchi Lee, creator and Executive Producer of the CHANGE film, founder of Dahn Yoga, and NY Times Bestselling Author of The Call of Sedona and other books on meditation and mind body practices. Ilchi Lee has not only modernized the traditional Korean energy practice of Sundo, but he has spent extensive time meditating and teaching in Sedona, Arizona, one of the world’s most powerful energy spots. At the CHANGE TOUR EVENT, you will experience the special meditation techniques and energy principles he has discovered throughout his lifelong study. These techniques are designed to unleash the infinite creative potential that exists in all of us. To learn more about Ilchi Lee, you can visit

I look forward to seeing you there!

Come Enjoy a “Day of Wellness” with Bee Well!


ECOLIFE ~ Atlanta’s Largest Eco Lifestyle Event at Atlantic Station!

ECOLIFE ~  Atlanta’s Largest Eco Lifestyle Event at Atlantic Station!

 Saturday, September 25, 2010        10AM – 6PM
 Sunday, September 26, 2010          10AM – 6PM
ECOLIFE  is an eco lifestyle event designed just for you.  Offering two days of outdoor family fun and entertainment.  Enjoy demonstrations and learn about eco friendly products and services, energy saving solutions, healthy meals for healthy living, and the latest in alternative transportation.
You will experience new ideas, interactive exhibits and practical new ways to make a positive difference in your world.
ECOLIFE will join  Atlantic Station as they celebrate their Five Year Anniversary of the biggest brownfield restoration project in the nation, as a national model for smart growth and sustainable development. Atlantic Station has become a destination for many residents and consumers, and is convenient to all Metro Atlanta, with easy access from the Connector and MARTA.
For more details, visit

Metro Atlanta Annual Gluten Free Fair

Metro Atlanta Celiacs’ Annual Gluten Free Fair

Saturday September 25, 2010 9am – 3pm

Hilton Atlanta Northeast

5993 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Norcross, GA 30092 (map)

There will be plenty of tasting opportunities from over 70 local & national GF vendors.

Meet Dr. David Friedman, Dr. Earl Mindell, and Leesa Wheeler in Orlando, FL ! September 24-26, 2010

Meet Dr. David Friedman, Dr. Earl Mindell, and Leesa Wheeler in Orlando, FL !  September 24-26, 2010

One of the most exciting times of the year for me is when I get to attend the events of Chews-4-Health International. This allows us to put faces to names that we’ve heard or talked to and get to meet them in person. It’s exciting meeting new people from around the country and to hear their stories and successes. This is called networking… at its best…because we are building life long relationships.

You will meet the office staff, Rob Hukezalie, COO of Chews-4-Health; Dr. Friedman CEO and formulator of Chews-4-Health and TrimUlean; and a great new addition to the Chews family, Dr. Earl Mindell, the author of the bestselling book, “The Vitamin Bible.” I always return home from these events motivated, excited and ready to work the business because we learn from the experience of meeting people from all walks of life. I return home inspired to set and achieve new goals and to help Team Members do the same.

This September event is going to be a very EXCITING EVENT.   I know firsthand there are going to be things introduced for the first time that will absolutely help to explode your business. If you’re serious about YOUR Chews-4-Health business, you need to be there to experience the excitement first hand. Every Team Member will return home and will be able to earn more money immediately.
Performance is based on knowledge and training, and you are invited to  Leadership Training, second to none…on Sunday morning! I guarantee you the knowledge and training you receive at this event will automatically put your business on a level you never dreamed of.   YOUR SUCCESS IS ALL ABOUT YOUR PERFORMANCE.  To succeed you have to have the right KNOWLEDGE and TRAINING , and I guarantee you will come away from this convention with confidence to grow your business.  

Believe in CHEWS-4-HEALTH , believe in YOURSELF , and have the “WANT” to succeed and create un-stoppable weekly income. Would you like to make your life long financial dreams become a reality?  If so, I recommend attending this event!   I am looking forward to meeting you in ORLANDO and guarantee it will be one of the best financial decisions you have ever made.

Do nothing and you will make nothing
Do a little and you will make a little
Do a lot and you will make a lot

Order your tickets today for the 2010 Chews-4-Health International Fall Event and you’ll receive 40 tickets (per Event ticket purchased) for the Grand Prize Drawing.  Bring someone with you who is interested in the business —their ticket is FREE!  

For all the details visit

This Chews4Health event will bring YOU closer to YOUR DREAMS! 

Live Well!
Leesa A. Wheeler
Healthy Lifestyle Advisor & Coach, Artisan, Author

ring ~ 770-393-1284
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Meet and Greet Dr. Anderson with Longevity Health Center!

As you know, I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and the team at Longevity Health Center so I’m inviting you to a “Meet and Greet” with Dr. Anderson!

Are you curious about Dr. Anderson and the health services offered at Longevity? Are you curious if they can help YOU?  Dr. Anderson and the Longevity Team can be found at the Alive after Five event in Roswell, GA on Canton Street on Thursday, 9-16-10 and Thursday, 10-21-10 from 5-9pm.  Stop by, meet them, and learn more about taking care of YOU! 

Dr. Anderson Meet & Greet evening at Longevity Health Center ~ Details coming soon!  This is  your chance to get your foot in the door, literally!  Come and meet Dr. Anderson and the staff of Longevity Health Center, tour the office, ask questions, and satisfy your curiosity!  Friends are welcome to come with you.

Can’t wait?  Call now!  770-642-4646

To Your Good Health Radio with Dr. David Friedman

Welcome to Your Good Health Radio with Dr. David Friedman

 Dr. Friedman’s belief is that staying current on health news can be the difference between sickness and GOOD Health!

To Your Good Health Radio show  was established  to educate consumers all over the nation on nutrition and good health.  Dr. David Friedman, host of To Your Good Health Radio, not only wants to educate his listeners, but also entertain them!  He has created a unique “tell it like it is” approach combining education, common sense and fun.

He has interviewed world renowned doctors, authors, actors, super-models and champion athletes in his quest to bring answers on attaining optimal health to his listeners. As health expert for Life Time Television’s morning show, he has shared cutting edge stories with millions every week.  The five minute  time restraint for each story  resulted in a lot of great information being edited out. As a result, To Your Good Health Radio was launched!

To Your Good Health Radio is a live, UNEDITED, “no holds barred” breath of fresh air. It allows for a full hour of interaction, live questions and comments.  Some of the information you will learn will shock you and bring needed awareness to why  so many Americans are  overweight, tired,  sick and depressed.

Some of his past interviews include:  Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Roizen, Stephen Baldwin, Kim Barnouin, Dr. Ava Cadell and many, many more.  Check out the archives for more shows Dr. Friedman has done in the past.

To Your Good Health Radio airs coast to coast every other Thursday at 1pm EST.  Listen to Dr. Friedman, his shocking facts and informative  guests.   Thank you to our listeners for your support and don’t forget, if you have a question for Dr. Friedman please email him at   

Every listener that submits a question that is answered on the show  will receive  a FREE copy of his best selling CD  “America’s Unbalanced Diet,” the  shocking truth about what’s really on your dinner table.

About Dr. Friedman  

Dr. David Friedman, Host/CEO is a disciplined visionary and a man of action! He is a renowned educator and lecturer in the field of nutrition. He is a Chiropractic Physician and  Doctor of Naturopathy.   He has received post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School and is a former teacher of Neurology. He’s a member of the Naturopathic Medical Association and has been honored in the National Who’s Who directory for the past 8 years. Dr. Friedman has authored three books and has written articles for several national magazines.

He has appeared on numerous syndicated radio and television shows and his best selling CDs on nutrition have been heard by over a million people. As health expert for Life Time Televisions morning show, he has shared cutting edge stories with millions. Dr. Friedman is often called “The Chiropractor to the stars” because his list of patients include some of today’s top celebrities and movie stars. In fact, many celebrities fly Dr. Friedman across the country to treat them because they trust no one else. To Your Good Health Radio is heard nationwide and offers a LIVE, “no holds barred,”  cutting edge approach to achieving optimal health. Dr. Friedman is no stranger to  controversy and has exposed the artificial sweetener industry for CAUSING OBESITY;  the milk industry for CAUSING OSTEOPOROSIS; and the synthetic vitamin industry for CAUSING SICKNESS AND DISEASE.  He has interviewed world renowned doctors, celebrities, sports figures and New York Time’s bestselling authors that all share one common goal…finding a healthy lifestyle in  the sickest developed country in the world… good ole USA.

A decade ago, the nutritional industry was predominately filled with pills and capsules. Dr. Friedman was referred to as “The Godfather of Liquid Nutrition” because in a world of pills, he  lit the world on fire by helping to put liquid nutrition on the map. After 20 years in practice,  he became frustrated with the void he still found in the world of nutrition and spent 3-1/2 years formulating and perfecting his revolutionary dietary supplement product Chews-4-Health, the WORLD’s FIRST full spectrum super fruit / sea vegetable and antioxidant chewable.  Just recently, he launched Trimulean.  A powerful chewable weight loss product.

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