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Computer Health Assessment for Stress, Acute illness, and Immune System

During this challenging time, many people have experienced the effects of increased stress and others have begun to inquire about the strength of their immune system.

We are excited to be able to offer an in-home Computerized Health Assessment (BioFeedback) to evaluate health concerns and determine a wellness protocol for 3 key areas:

  1. Stress and adrenals
  2. Acute illness – especially infections and viruses
  3. Immune system (Immunity Scan)

Zyto Hand Cradle

The cradle is connected to your home computer during the Computer Health Assessment health scan – the results of the scan and the treatment protocol are reviewed during the 1-hour assessment. The Zyto cradle can be mailed to your home or obtained at the office. Some clients have been so impressed with the Zyto technology that they have chosen to purchase the cradle in order to have repeated and easier access for more regular computer health assessments.


You are invited to watch these informative videos about ZYTO ELITE and ZYTO EVOX…


ZYTO Immunity Scan

Be sure to ask about and schedule your new ZYTO Today’s Basic Immunity Scan!


Please call the Real Health Medical office at 678-990-5401

to inquire about our testing options and to schedule your appointment.  

We are here to support you and your family in maintaining real health during this challenging time and always…

Leesa A. Wheeler, CNHP, C-FWP, CHS, CMSAT, CIC, Certified ZYTO ELITE and ZYTO EVOX

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May Your Life be Happy, Healthy, and Absolutely Extraordinary!

Leesa A. Wheeler, CNHP, C-FWP, CHS, CMSAT, CIC, Certified ZYTO ELITE and ZYTO EVOX

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Organic Health & Beauty Consultant

Author of two books…
Live Well…Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You! 

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