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7 In-Season Fruits and Veggies to Eat Now



We are right on the cusp of summer, which means we’ve got maybe another couple of weeks to track down some beautiful spring produce before it starts to wane. Here are 7 yummy spring fruits and veggies to find right now!

Depending on where you live, you may have an easier or tougher time tracking down spring produce so late in the season. If it’s been cooler where you are, you’ve got a better chance of finding the more elusive spring produce this close to summer. When you head to the farmers market this weekend, keep these spring beauties in mind!

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

1. Watercress

This leafy green is getting some superfood cred lately, and it’s a lovely addition to sandwiches, salads, and soups. If you’re new to watercress, don’t worry! Here are some tips on growing your own along with how to prepare it.

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

2. Sorrel

Sorrel is another lovely leafy green that has a tangy, citrusy flavor. It’s a delicate green, so shopping for and storing sorrel can be a little bit tricky. Check out the health benefits of sorrel along with how to store and prepare it here!

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

3. Endive

Yes! Another yummy salad veggie. Endive might look unassuming, but it’s packed with nutritional goodness and plenty of flavor. Read more about how and why to eat more endive.

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

4. Broccoli

Broccoli has a long growing season, but during the hotter part of summer it can be hard to find. Grab some now before it disappears until fall! I’m sure that you know how to prepare broccoli, but you can read up on prep tips and health benefits of this cruciferous veggie here.

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

5. Asparagus

This might be the hardest spring veggie to track down so close to summer. Asparagus season is painfully short, so if you see asparagus at the market, snatch it up before it’s gone! Check out why asparagus is super healthy and get some tasty asparagus recipes here.

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

6. Cherries

I probably don’t have to tell you to hoard those cherries. Who can pass them up, right? The only trouble with cherries is getting those pits out if you want to bake with them or use them in a fruit salsa. Don’t worry! We’ve found you a handy cherry-pitting trick and some yummy cherry recipes.

Spring Produce Spotlight: 7 Fruits and Veggies to Find Now

7. Artichokes

If you’re used to buying artichoke hearts, dealing with a whole artichoke might seem a little bit daunting. Don’t let that stop you from snatching up this spring produce at the market. Learn how to cook whole artichokes and check out some bonus artichoke recipes.

Do you have a favorite piece of spring produce that wasn’t on this list? Tell us about it in the comments!

(Leesa recommends choosing organic fruits and organic vegetables!)

by Becky Striepe

Becky Striepe is a freelance writer and vegan crafter living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her life’s mission is to make green crafting and vegan food accessible to everyone! Like this article? You can follow Becky on Twitter or find her on Facebook!


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