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The Surprising Secret to Work-Life Balance


Between your job, taking care of the kids, hanging out with your friends and significant other, and making time for hobbies and some quality Netflix marathoning, who has the time or energy to add one more thing to their to-do lists?

It turns out adding one more thing will actually help you feel more in control of your work-life balance, according to researchers—and that one thing is exercise.

Trying to make time to hit the treadmill seems like it would add more stress to an already-packed schedule, but scientists found that exercisers actually experience less stress at work and have more confidence when it comes to handling conflicts between work and family. “We think exercise is a way to psychologically detach from work — you’re not there physically and you’re not thinking about it either,” study researcher Russell Clayton says. “And, furthermore, it can help us feel good about ourselves.”

It’s an exciting finding, especially considering research last year that found that people say work-life balance is the top indicator of career success—even more so than money or recognition.

By Diana Vilibert 


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