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20 Easy Ways to Be Happier


What we found is that sometimes,  the tiniest changes can have a huge impact on overall happiness. These twenty  ideas will help you go from grumpy to giddy.

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning I’ve heard this one  before, and not just from my mother. For most people, outer order leads to inner  calm. And making your bed is one quick, easy way to get some semblance of a tidy  room (even when your closet is anything but.)

2. Shorten Your Commute Okay, this one may not be a  cinch. But if there’s any way you can shorten your commute, it’s certainly worth  the effort. Spending two hours a day in gridlock traffic is enough to drive even  the most Zen commuter up the wall. Not only is the drive itself infuriating, a  long commute eats up time that could be spent on proven happiness boosters, like  sleeping or interacting with other people.

3. Find a Rocking Chair You know it works for babies. Now  it seems that rockers bring similar comfort to elderly sufferers of dementia.  Researchers at the University of Rochester encouraged twenty-five residents to  rock as much as they like and they became less upset and anxious and required  less pain medication. Who’s to say it couldn’t work for you?

4. Make Lists Writing it down (whatever “it” may be. is a  successful tool for managing stress. Just make sure your list doesn’t get out of  control. After all, your list is supposed to help with your stress, not add to  it. Remember that you can always adjust your priorities.

5. Paint Your Toenails … Even in the Winter In the winter  months, it’s easy to ignore your feet until they morph into a Shrek-like  monstrosity. Who’s going to see them anyway, right? Wrong. You are! So give them  a soak, a scrub, a bit of moisture, and a dash of color. You’ll feel better  instantly.

6. Wake up the Right Way Are you coffee lover? Wake up to  the smell of freshly brewed coffee by investing in a percolator with a  programmable timer. Tired of waking up to the shriek of a buzzer or the  irritating voice of the talk radio host? Get yourself an alarm clock that wakes  you up with natural light and sounds.

7. Talk About Something New People tend to get stuck on  the same old topics of conversation. Stimulate your mind and encourage others,  too, by finding one little interesting tidbit a day and starting a conversation  by saying, “Did you hear about _________? What do you think?”

8. Refuse to Give Advice The easiest way to get sucked  down the negative spiral is by participating. Do your friends a favor: when they  start unloading their problems on you, let them figure it out on their own. The  reverse is also true—don’t bore your friends with your problems. Focus on  fun!

9. Rearrange Your Furniture It may sound silly, but even  the tiniest shift of a kitchen table or couch can make all the difference. It’ll  make the room—and you!—feel new again. And the best part? It doesn’t cost a  thing. (Tip: If you need to move a large item on your own, stick a dish towel  under each leg and push; or if you’ve got carpet, use furniture sliders.)

10. Smile on the Outside Even when you’ve got nothing to  smile about. Forcing a smile can trick your body into changing your mood. You’ll  also find that other people will react better to you when you’ve got a smile on  your face. Voilà! You’ve just created a snowball effect of fuzzy feelings.

11. Gaze at a Photograph If the photograph is of a loved  one, it can stimulate blood supply to the brain, says researcher Andreas Bartels  from University of London. Imagine them giving you a hug.

12. Turn off the TV Happy people don’t watch TV. Instead,  they socialize, which brings them more long-term satisfaction. We’re not saying  to skip your favorite shows altogether. But if the choice is between watching  something just because it’s on, and grabbing a friend for a last minute dinner  date … well … you know what to do. Delicious and good for you!

13. Get Informed Stuck on a problem that just won’t go  away? Try Googling it. Reading up on how other people have handled your  situation may give you some clues on how to tackle it yourself.

14. Eat Avocados Avocados are good for your skin, your  hair, and—more importantly—your heart. But did you know they’re also good for  your mood? They’ve got monounsaturated fats and tryptophan, which boosts  feel-good chemical endorphins in the brain.

15. Sing or Hum a Tune Listening to music can make you  feel good, but singing or humming your own tune is even better! Try making up  the words to one of your favorite songs, and sing it out loud. Even if your cat  is the only one who appreciates it, you’ll feel good about it.

16. Break the Rules Here’s a little known confidence  booster: when you follow your own path, (especially when you go against the  grain. it’s incredibly intoxicating. We’re not advocating anything illegal, just  saying that you should do exactly what you want sometimes and not what you think  you should be doing.

17. Invigorate Your Senses A quick spray of lavender,  eucalyptus, rosemary, or lemon can clear your head quicker than you think. For  an extra-calming treat, take a nap on a pillow scented with lavender—either in  fabric spray form, or crumble some of the plant itself and put it in your  pillowcase.

18. Visit a Quiet Place Libraries, museums, gardens, and  other quiet places can give you a break from the frantic pace of everyday life.  Find a secret spot and make it your sanctuary, whether it’s in your backyard or  the Reference section.

19. Forgive Someone Research shows that those who are  able to forgive are less stressed, less angry, and more optimistic than those  who aren’t. So, if you’re holding onto old grudges for the sake of it, it might  just be time to let go.

20. Spend More Time with Your Happy Friends Misery loves  company. Too often, we find ourselves surrounded by soul-crushing negativity.  The good news? Happiness really is contagious. Research shows that happiness,  even when removed by three degrees, can make you happier than an extra $5000.  Focus on spending time with the optimistic people in your life and you might  just become one of them.

By Tania Khadder and Kayla Baxter 


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