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11 Common Dream Symbols & Their Meanings


There are dreams that our conscious minds never register. There are dreams  that seem clear when we first wake up but are forgotten as the day goes on. And  then there are dreams so strange and jumbled that they stick with us for days  and even years at a time. These are the ones full of objects and odd occurrences  that practically demand interpretation (or an appointment with a therapist).  Dream dictionaries claim to unlock the meaning behind our sleep sagas. But,  based on the sheer multitude of entries, it’s clear that everything we dream  about is ripe for symbolism. And often, our dreams allude to emotions or  situations we need to confront in our waking hours.


Babies in dreams are symbols of purity, rebirth, and vulnerability. Again,  it’s important to recognize what’s happening with the baby to figure out how it  relates to your life. A crying or abandoned baby could mean that you’re not  paying enough attention to your own needs. Perhaps you feel especially needy and  vulnerable right now, or you might have doubts about being able to take care of  someone other than yourself.


Who hasn’t had dreams about working? Dreams about your job suggest that  certain work habits need fixing–either not being on-task enough or working too  much. When worries about job performance leak into our subconscious, there’s a  lack of balance somewhere, either in effectiveness or in leisure time.


Creepy-crawlies are the manifestation of problems that we’re not facing. Bugs  on your skin mean an unsettling change is taking place in your life. The more  bugs you encounter in your dream, the greater your problems and unconscious  anxieties.


If the candle is aflame, that might mean good luck’s coming your way, or at  least that there’s a reason to be hopeful. If it’s not lit, the candle could  represent a lack of initiative or not living up to one’s promise. A candle  that’s blown out has to do with leaving something behind, which could be good or  bad.


This makes for a sad dream, but death isn’t as ominous a theme as you’d  think–it’s more about change on the horizon. If someone you know dies in a dream  you have, think about your connection to that person. Is there an aspect of your  relationship that needs changing? Or is there something about the person’s life  that you’d like to see manifesting itself in your own? Death-related dreams  might also be about incoming change or the dreamer’s need to change.


Mirrors in dreams reflect our inner qualities–both how others perceive us and  how we see ourselves. If the mirror is foggy or clouded, however, that means  we’re not seeing things accurately and need to figure out why. Shattering a  mirror is allegedly bad luck in real life, but in the dream world, it represents  breaking away from the inner self.


Would you guess the people we encounter in dreams are variations on  ourselves? Pay close attention to these figures, because they represent  personality traits we don’t acknowledge, either because they’re hidden or  because they’re negative. When the person’s a stranger, it usually means the  former; when he or she is familiar, it tends to signify the latter, although it  could also mean that you should take a closer look at the ways in which you  interact with that person in real life, and perhaps change your behavior toward  him or her.


Hair in our sleep life has multiple meanings, including sensuality,  self-image, and strength. If you’re cutting your hair, that symbolizes taking  power over your life and letting go of unnecessary burdens. Brushing or fixing  your hair alludes to heightened self-consciousness. Hair falling out has to do  with fear of getting old and/or physical weakness.


If you’re crying in a dream, you’re likely grappling with a pent-up emotion  that you’re not letting go of in real life, and it’s a way for your subconscious  to provide you with the emotional outlet you deny yourself otherwise. If someone  else is crying in your dream, it could be a message to you to be mindful of the  thoughts and feelings of those around you.


Traveling down a road during a dream is like traveling down the path to your  goals in life. Sometimes it’s windy or full of potholes, which means you have  hardships to overcome. If it’s smooth, you’re making good choices and feel  confident about your future success. And if the road ahead looks dark and  looming, it might indicate that you’re making choices along the way without all  the information you need, which could produce difficult outcomes.


Whether it’s a rushing river or a calm ocean, water represents our emotional  state. Calm, clear water means that we’re generally content and peaceful at the  moment. Murky, rough water suggests we’re feeling overwhelmed by negative  thoughts and not making choices that support our emotional well-being.

By Megan, selected from DivineCaroline



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