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6 Ways to Detoxify Your Heart

6 Ways to Detoxify Your Heart



This time of year, there is info everywhere on how to detoxify your body.  Whatever toxin you want to remove, or part of your body you want to cleanse,  there’s a smoothie for that! Now, I love smoothies, and I believe that physical  detoxification is an essential health practice (especially by eliminating those  toxins to begin with — for my full views you can read Organic Manifesto and Demand Organic!). But I also believe that the most toxic  toxins start in our hearts. And for true health, healing, and happiness that’s  where we need to start. (By the way, I am not a therapist or doctor, just  someone who has personal experience in this area).

The Power of Emotional Healing

Don’t numb it, FEEL it. This is the hardest and first step.  How many different methods do we employ to avoid feeling what we really feel?  Drugs and alcohol are the easiest ways to recognize the numbing effect. But we  can also use food, TV, religion, sports, crafts, or just plain emotional  repression. Yes, emotions can be truly painful, but it’s the pain of living, of  personal growth, of healing. Let yourself feel what’s in your heart. Truly feel  it. Find a safe place and let those feelings wash over you.

Do the forensics and unpeel the layers. Often, what we first  think we are upset about isn’t the true thing that is bothering us. Our emotions  come in layers. The first layer might be anger. I AM ANGRY!!!!!! But when you  peel away the layers, what might truly be driving that is loneliness, or fear,  or hurt. This is where talking with a therapist can really help. Sometimes it  really helps to have someone help us dig out from under all those layers we’ve  covered our hearts in. As a parent, I often find that when a child is cranky or  annoyed, taking time out to sit and talk with them and help them get to the  original feeling can be transformative and enlightening for everyone.

Ask the universe for guidance. Sometimes it can be really  hard to get to the source of what is actually causing us pain or anger. When  that happens, it helps to carve out some quiet time in nature and ask for help.  The universe will often speak back through nature, through “synchronicity,” or  through bringing you teachers, if you are open to it. Sometimes those teachers  come in the form of a book, or a situation and suddenly you realize that yes,  the universe DOES listen! That’s when detoxifying your heart starts to get fun,  because it starts to feel like an adventure.

Replace fear with love. Easier said than done, right? Wrong. It’s easy.  Whenever you feel fear, question it and the situation. Ask yourself, what would  love feel like in this situation instead of fear? The world is filled with  threats and meanness and angry people–but imagine the pain they must be feeling,  the hurt in their hearts! It won’t get any better by adding to it. The key here  is trying to see the world from the other person’s perspective. I think this  gets easier as we age, since we now experience first-hand things our parents  might have felt, for example. It’s like exercise, the more you do it, the easier  it gets. And just like exercise, YOU are the ultimate beneficiary.

Let it out and let it go. This step requires action and the  courage to act, but is key to the healing process. Once you have identified what  is truly the toxin in your heart, the only way to get rid of it is to let it go.  If there is something you need to say to someone. SAY  IT. But say it with love. If there is something you need to do, a change you  need to make, MAKE IT. But make it with love. If there is something you need to  express, but don’t have the words, CREATE IT. But create it with love. Your job  here is not to hurt someone else (although sometimes that happens), but to have  them truly HEAR what you have to say. That doesn’t mean they will change. In  fact, they most certainly won’t. But YOU WILL. You will feel better, lighter,  happier, cleaner.DETOXIFIED!

Forgive yourself. Things will never be perfect. You will  never be perfect. Other people certainly will never be perfect (especially me!).  We will never eliminate every toxin — and in fact, the toxins are there for a  reason — just like all that bacteria in our bodies and world that seems bad and  dirty but in actuality we can’t live without. Every mistake, every wrong action  happened. You can’t change it. All you can do is apologize to the other  person/people and apologize to yourself and vow to learn and grow from it.  That’s living. That’s life! And it’s beautiful in all it’s imperfections, even  ours.

By Maria Rodale

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