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7 Surprising Signs You Need to Sleep More

One in three Americans aren’t getting enough  sleep — are you one of them? Click through to check out some of the most  surprising consequences of sleep deprivation. How many hours do you get each  night? Let us know in the comments section.

1. You’re Feeling Weepy.

Have you ever felt like you might burst into  tears at the drop of a hat after you pulled an all-nighter? Researchers  at UC-Berkeley have linked sleepless nights to our inability to reason and  handle perceived threats. That minor squabble with a friend or sappy movie on TV  may not seem so terrible on a day when we’re well-rested.

2. You Just Can’t Focus.

From plane crashes to oil spills, some of the worst disasters in recent  memory have been attributed, at least in part, to fatigue. Similarly, one study  has suggested that medical interns on the night shift were two times as likely  to misinterpret test results from patients. Sure, most of us don’t have the  lives of innocent people in our hands on a daily basis (well, outside of our  cars.. more on that later), but sleep deprivation can have serious consequences  on our everyday lives. Sleepiness can impact your brain’s ability to focus and  stay alert, thus making it more difficult to understand and process new  information.

3. You Always Feel Sick.

Everyone in your family has avoided the cold this winter, but you’ve had the  sniffles since Thanksgiving. What gives? Take a look at your sleep habits. If  you’re not getting enough shut eye, your immune system is not working as well as  it could be, thus making you more susceptible to catching viruses or bacterial  infections. And it doesn’t just make you more likely to catch a cold, it can  also make it harder for you to recover.

4. You’re Never Hungry.. Or You’re Always  Hungry.

Everyone is different, even when it comes to how sleep deprivation impacts  our appetites — and neither of them are healthy. A lack of sleep throws our  internal clock , and our hunger hormones, off balance. For some of us, this  means that we eat more than we normally would, and for others it means we don’t  want to eat at all.

5. Your Skin is Dry.

Sleep is a time for your body to repair itself — including creating new skin  cells. That, plus all of the essential vitamins, water, and nutrients that your  skin needs to stay healthy, can cause your skin to dry out.

6. You’re Sloppy.

Spill your coffee on the newspaper this morning? Sleeplessness can impact  your motor skills and ability to react quickly to things around you. Maybe  you’re not just a klutz, perhaps  you need more sleep!

7. You’re Forgetting Everything.

Can’t remember what you ate for breakfast? You may need a few more hours of  shut eye. Sleep impacts how your brain stores information, including, yep, where  you left your glasses. And it’s not just your short-term memory: sleep  deprivation has been shown to have negative consequences of student’s test  scores and grades.

By Katie Waldeck

Katie is a freelance writer focused on pets, food and women’s issues. A  Chicago native and longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Katie now lives  in Oakland, California.

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    Getting the right amount of sleep is so important!

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