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Big Organic Garden Delivers Georgia’s Best Fruits & Veggies


How I wish every city had a fresh, local, and in-season produce delivery  service! Maybe once the word of Big Organic Garden in Georgia spreads we’ll all  be happily awaiting our own fruit and veggie delivery.

The owners of Big Organic Garden are able to source produce from farms across  their state of Georgia and the southeast to offer their customers the freshest  in-season options they can. Big Organic Garden promotes local and in-season produce to support local industry and provide  optimal health, as studies point to benefits of eating from your own local  harvests. Also, by providing in-season options, this cuts down on the carbon footprint that shipping of  out-of-season produce causes.

The customers of Big Organic Garden can choose a box size and price every  week. The boxes are somewhat specified by the customer from their website, but  all contain an assortment of fruits and vegetables. A small box is $20, medium  is $37, and a large will cost $50. If not for yourself, this sounds like an  awesome holiday gift idea!

An example of what you might find in the $50 large box includes 4 Braeburn  apples, 4 Honeycrisp apples, 2 avocados, 2.5 bunches of bananas, 5 oranges, 5  lemons, 1.5 heads of broccoli, 1 head of cauliflower, 2 bunches of collard  greens, 1 bunch of spinach, as well as squash and tomatoes.

All of the products are organic and most are local. Obviously the avocados  are not local, but they only bring in a few items from out of the area and they  are always certified organic. The company offers a few pick-up locations  throughout the week, but they also offer delivery. Big Organic Garden encourages  customers to leave a cooler with ice packs on their porch so the produce can  stay fresh.

What a wonderful idea this is. It’s not too different than CSAs  that are already wildly popular, but it extends the range of who can include and  receive produce. As I wrestle with trying to do the best for my own family and  the earth we live on, it’s hard to compete with the store that’s just minutes  from my home. And furthermore, I can eat strawberries in the winter if I shop in  the store that knows no seasons. But truly, I want to do what’s right. Hopefully  more companies like Big Organic Garden will sprout up all over the country very  soon.

By Lacy J. Hansen for

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