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4 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

I travel a lot. Each month, I pack up my suitcase to hit the road,  whether  it be (quite literally) by plane, train, or automobile.

Whether it be for work, for family, or for a holiday/vacation, I  always find  myself with the same quandry–how to stay healthy and fit  while on the road?

I used to use traveling as an excuse to get out of my healthy  habits, but  learned the hard way that damage like that is hard to undo. I  have since  learned, that with little effort, I can stay in shape, not  get sick, and enjoy  traveling, as well as be happy when I get back to  the reality of every day  life.

1. Move around! Though only about 1 in 4,500  airplane  passengers develop a blood clot ( you should still make  every effort to  move around on the plane, whether it be just standing  in the aisle (once you’ve  reached the proper flying altitude) or by  taking a walk to the lavatory. Have a  layover? Instead of sitting  (you’ll be doing plenty of that on the plane), make  sure to walk around  the airport. Taking a road trip? Make plenty of stops to  move around.  This is also a great opportunity to check out an attraction on the  way!  Once you get to your location, don’t forget to factor in exercise.   Whether it be working out at your hotel, taking hikes, or forgoing  public  transport to walk, you’ll feel much better if you get in some  activity.

2. Snack Smart. While at the airport and on road  trips  you’ll roll past countless fast food restaurants. Though these  seem like a  convenient option, they’re not the healthiest. I like to  pack snacks that are  within my calorie budget for the day and 100  calories or under each. When  traveling and purchasing food, I try to opt  for fresh fruit and veggies (not  only healthy, but also packed with  vitamins!). Fast food the only option and  you’re famished? Stick to  something simple (like a kid’s meal) and whatever you  do, don’t  supersize.

3. Stay Germ-Free. It’s hard to avoid germs  completely, but  the last thing you want to do is come home from a trip  sick or worse – get sick  on your trip. Bring disinfecting wipes with you.  They come in so handy from  wiping down your seat on the airplane to  even cleaning up messes at hotels.  Carry antibacterial gel (without triclosan, or make your own herbal antibacterial spray) or paper soap  for occasions  when a public restroom is out of soap. Up your intake of foods with antibiotic properties. Most importantly,  stick  to your vitamin regimen and make sure to get plenty of vitamin C!

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Due to low humidity  on  planes, many of us can find ourselves feeling thirstier than ever.  Don’t want  to pay for water at the airport? Bring an empty bottle in  your carry on to fill  at a water fountain and carry on the plane. Lucky  enough to be flying an  airline with complimentary beverage services? Opt  for water. Make sure when  traveling on day trips, etc. to carry water  with you at all times. Water will  also help you to be able to stay full  between meals so that you will eat  healthier throughout the day.

Though you will be out of your normal comfort zone, it’s important  to stick  to your regular regimen as much as possible. Happy traveling!

By Julia Porter, DivineCaroline

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