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Healing Color Combinations by Ayurvedic Type

Does the color of some rooms make you squeamish? Itchy? Antsy? Does the color  of other rooms make you soft? Calm? Wonderfully wobbly and weak in the knees? It  is no secret that we all respond to color, and each of us responds differently  to different shades. Color has a profound effect on us that can influence our  moods and energy with the simple flick of a hue.

AFM Safecoat paints has a system for Healing Paint Colors for Your Ayurveda Type that shows you  how to find emotional balance through the use of color. The company does  business on a “health first premise”–their paints meet the highest standards of  environmental responsibility, and also contain no toxic ingredients such as  solvents, heavy metals, chemical residuals, formaldehyde and other harmful  preservatives.

The Ayurveda Essence color system takes the health premise a step further by  offering interactive tools to help you manipulate subtle aspects of your  environment to promote optimum wellness. There are 108 colors in three groups of  36. (I like how the number 108 surfaces frequently in sacred numerology; but I  just like numbers.) To keep it simple, they created three micro palettes that  correspond to the three major constitutional types of East Indian medicine:  vata, pitta, and kapha. Once you know which type you are (see next page), you  can select colors accordingly: whether the colors are hot or cold, warm or cool,  calming or stimulating, uplifting or grounding, moist or dry, etc. Eastern  healing has generated many practices that promote harmony, created to relieve  stress by helping us understand how to create balance in the day-to-day.

East Indian traditional healing proposes that there are five elements that  can be simplified into three groups known as constitutional types or dosha. The  elements are ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Ether and air are grouped  together and known as vata. The vata constitution is akin to the ectomorph: of  lean build and a thin frame. Fire stands separately as pitta, and the pitta  constitution is akin to the mesomorph: an individual with a moderate frame and  musculature. Water and earth are grouped together and known as kapha. Kapha  types are akin to the endomorph: substantial in mass. Most of us are hybrids of  the dosha types (such as vata/pitta or pitta/kapha), but a key point is that it  is usually the aggravation of our primary dosha type that creates imbalance and  disharmony.

The Ayurveda Essence palettes are grouped together as such:

Ectomorph/Vata/Air and Space: A palette of muted and subdued  earthy tones

Mesomorph/Pitta/Fire: Complex colors with a cooling and  calming orientation

Endomorph/Kapha/Water and Earth: A palette of vibrant and  stimulating colors with warm overtones

As a whole, Ayurveda Essence incorporates colors that range from deep and  chromatic brights to the muted lights and neutrals. The steps in value between  colors has been designed with an eye toward a harmonious contrast. This design  feature automatically eliminates the kind of clash that can result from colors  which are too close to one another in value, and makes the creation of  monochromatic schemes easier. The key difference among the palettes is how they  handle chromaticism. Each micro palette is constructed to avoid those portions  of the color spectrum that would be the most aggravating to the respective  constitution–they are very balanced.

AFM also has another tool to abet you in your trek towards wellness: a set of  17 healing color combinations. You can visit this page to see the color combinations, and while you are  there you can click on the individual links on the left navigation column to see  colors by Ayurvedic types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

If you don’t know what your Ayurvedic type is, find out here: Which Ayurvedic Type Are You?

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