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Describe Your Pet in One Word


If you could describe your pet in one word, what would it be?

I was recently asked to describe both of my dogs in one word. “Determined” is  the word I used for Sanchez (pictured above).  I’ve actually never known a  dog who could focus so intently on something of desire and not forget about it  no matter how many distractions are present. When he was a puppy in training for Guide Dogs for the Blind, many people observed that he would  monitor a room for hours, find a missing loop hole where he could do something  forbidden, and then perform that behavior in the most creative of ways. His “down” is admirable. However, while in a “down”, he has been known to crawl  across an entire room to get a crumb on the floor. You can see the look of  determination on his face. It’s honestly quite entertaining, especially as he  looks at me as if he’s thinking, “Well, I’m still in a down.”

Gina’s word is “playful”. She is ready to play at any hour of the day or night.  Unlike Sanchez, it doesn’t occur to her that there are loop holes, because  everything is just good all the time. OK, it was really a toss-up between the  words “playful” and “happy”. She never complains about anything, and is much  more a typical Lab than Sanchez. Everything is just good all the time.

My belief is that pets are brought into our life to teach us many life lessons. It’s different for everyone and  even changes at various times in our lives. I don’t find it accidental that  Sanchez was brought into my life at the same time I was on the verge of creating  music that calms dogs. He was actually the  inspiration for it, as he was a very high energy, rambunctious puppy and was  calmed easily by the right prescription of music. His determination that he  carried in his own personality was something that I learned from and still apply  to my life today. Now that I devote my full time career to helping improve the  lives of dogs with music, his reminder to be patient, determined, and never lose  sight of my dream of helping relieve anxiety issues in millions of dogs through  sound therapy is something I carry with me daily.

Gina, on the other paw, was brought into my life at  a time when I was working way too much and needed persistent reminders to “play”. She is a constant reminder that you don’t need a reason to be happy and  it’s always a good time to play. Even during the most stressful or depressing  life events, she can have me laughing and playing with a tail wag.

I love and still need my continuing reminders from Sanchez and Gina. What is  your word for your pets? Have they helped you apply that word to your own life?

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By Lisa Spector

Lisa Spector is a  concert pianist, Juilliard graduate, and canine music  expert. She is Co-founder of Through  a Dog’s Ear,    the first music clinically demonstrated to calm the  canine nervous system. Their new Canine  Noise Phobia series is  a breakthrough treatment and prevention program for  canine noise  sensitivities. Lisa shares her home and her heart with her two  “career  change” Labrador Retrievers from Guide Dogs for the Blind, Sanchez and   Gina. Follow Lisa’s  blog here.

Main Photo Credit of Sanchez: Gracie Slegers

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