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Healing Paint Colors for Your Ayurveda Type

Healing Paint Colors for Your Ayurveda Type

Now this is a truly healthy and healing paint: The paint itself is as pure as possible and the 108 colors are designed to promote harmony and balance using East Indian Ayurvedic color therapy. All this from a company that has been on the leading edge of pure, green, safe products since the 1970s! Mouse over the 108 colors chosen with this ancient wisdom in mind to see which colors resonate with you and what they mean.

Visit the AFM Safecoat site and click one at a time on the Ayurvedic types listed on the left, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You will see a list of colors to the right of the picture of a room. Move your mouse over each color name to turn the room to that color.

After you have found the colors that speak to you, try this fun quiz to see which type you think you are from reading words! For me, I never figured out my Ayurvedic type from reading text about them, or from all the quizzes I have taken, but it was clear as a bell from looking at the colors on the AFM Safecoat site.

by Annie B. Bond

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