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20 Gifts to Feel Good About

Still need gifts? We got you covered!

Here are our best suggestions for Green Fashionistas, Animal Lovers, Eco Enthusiasts, and Gifted Gardeners.

Green Fashionista

1. Apparel and jewelry from Nest
Nest is a nonprofit that empowers female artists around the world. Browse their beautiful products here. Watch the Nest overview video here.

Baeta Earrings, made by Nest loan-recipients in Rwanda – $15.00

2. PACT underwear
This underwear definitely makes an impact. When you buy a pair, you are supporting organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and various non-profits. Each purchase supports a partnered non-profit such as EarthSpark, Oceana, or 862 National. 

Get 25 percent off your purchase by entering the discount code 25percentcare2 at checkout. Free shipping on orders with three or more pairs. From $16 (before discount).

3. Tote bag or clutch from Ties that Matter
Ties that Matter takes old ties and repurposes them into fashionable purses, bags and pillows. Price: From $16.

Animal Lovers

1. Life DVD set
The Life series includes incredible footage of some of the amazing creatures that inhabit the planet. 3,000 days of filming, 70 different cameramen, 4 discs. $39.99
Watch these two clips from the Discovery series:
Beautiful Bird Mating Dance
Bowerbird Treasures

2. Buffalo Babysitter
Who wouldn’t want to babysit a buffalo? When baby buffalo roam outside Yellowstone park in search of fresh grass, they are often hazed by government agents and are subject to mistreatment. Your gift helps protect these beautiful creatures. Your recipient will receive a personalized card or e-card when you purchase this or other NRDC gifts. $15.

 Animal Companions

1. Sweetie Pie Treats
Dog treats that meet all the standards: healthy, tasty, and sustainable. Made from anti-oxidant filled sweet potatoes and free-range chicken, these treats seem to be a favorite of dogs. Feel good about your purchase — a portion of Bark Stix profits support Greyhound rescue and adoption groups. $8.95

2. Hemp Dog Bones
These 100 percent Eco-Friendly Stuffed Hemp Bone Toys consist of a hemp canvas shell and are stuffed with recycled poly-cotton, making them an enjoyable chew toy for your pet. Soft, yet firm, these bones are perfect for tugging, throwing, chewing and snuggling. $8.95

3. EcoChoices EcoAnimal also has a variety of toys made out of post-consumer recycled materials, such as the squeaky turtle posted below.

Squeaky Turtle Toy produced from 85% post-consumer recycled materials – $13.95

4. Zogoflex Dog Toys
Zogoflex differs from other plastics typically used in dog toys in that it’s engineered to be recyclable and is made from an FDA-approved material that is safe and non-toxic. Now if Spot gnaws up his Zogoflex frisbee, his owner can send the broken remainders back to West Paw Design, where they’ll be ground down, made into a new toy of the owner’s choosing, and returned at no extra cost. From $8.50

5. Cool Hemp Dog Collars
The cutest dog collars ever, adjustable and made of hemp. $20.

6. Green Cat Collars
Give the gift of a soft (not nylon) and eco-friendly collar to your cat–try organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton or bamboo. $5-$13.

Eco Enthusiasts

1. Wine Wine tastes as good as it looks. The gorgeous bottles and delicious varieties make them an ideal gift. The wine is created with sustainable practices and is carboNZero Certified; choose from three varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir. $16.99.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

  • love bottles are a creative way to send love and sustainability to your gift recipient. This company offers reusable glass water bottles that you can write on, decorate, and use as a message board for sending positive messages out to the world.
  • Kleen Kanteen makes stainless steel bottles that come in just about every color you can imagine. Under $20.
  • Bobble Water has the look and weight of plastic water bottles, but they are reusable, filtered, and BPA free. Under $10.

 3. Reusable Bags Reusable bags are always a great gift. Don’t forget about different-sized bags for various purposes.

  • has a line of cleverly designed canvas bags that send clear messages about their disposable counterparts. Made with Fair Labor and Fair Wages, products are backed by the reuseit™ Lifetime Guarantee.
Recycled Cotton Lunch Bag from – $11.95
  • esse offers chic and sustainable reusable bags in all sizes (their smaller bag made with mesh fabric is perfect for produce!). Win a complete esse shopping set by leaving a comment on the article here.

4. Going Green action plan For an unconventional (and very green) gift, Going Green Today provides a customized, tailored, and very effective, action plan that will help your gift recipient save money and carbon emissions. $47.  

5. CSA Membership How could you go wrong with fresh produce delivered right to your recipient’s door? The gift that keeps on giving… and supports local farmers! Price: Varies.


 1. Oasis Garden from VivaTerra Everyone could use some green in their space. Give the green gift of a plant that doesn’t need a lot of water and is long-lasting and low-maintenance.  

2. Recycled Wood Beehouse from Terrain Made from reclaimed fir wood, this charming wooden home will keep Mason bees near your garden pollinating your flowers and plants. Mason bees are excellent pollinators and are less likely to sting you!  

3. A membership to the local botanic garden or arboretum  

4. A basket filled with gardening tools, gloves, and seeds

by Healthy & Green Living Editors


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