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Delayed Food Sensitivities

Delayed Food Sensitivities

Many children who come to Brain Balance Atlanta test positive to IgG4 Delayed Food Sensitivities.  Without testing, these sensitivities can be very difficult to detect as they can occur up to 72 hours after the food is consumed.  The symptoms are not the traditional rash or hives seen with other types of allergies, they’re more likely to manifest behaviorally as anxiety, irritability and “Brain Fog”. 
Essentially the sensitive food is not being properly digested and over time the gut becomes irritated.  This irritation allows for larger proteins to enter from the gut to the body – this is called “Leaky Gut” or “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.  When these proteins enter into the body they are attacked by the body’s immune system.  Measuring the amount of IgG4 antibodies determines the severity of the sensitivity.  The immune response leaves behind opioid like compounds that are able to cross the Blood Brain Barrier and interact with opioid receptors of brain cell causing the problems.   
At Brain Balance we test how IgG4 Antibodies react with 90 different common foods.  The antibodies are actually weighed and counted in ng/ml.  A normal response is <10 ng/ml while severe sensitivities can be >2000 ng /ml.  When a food sensitivity is identified that food must be removed for a period time with the possibility of a later reintroduction.  The most common sensitivities seen in Brain Balance Kids are, in order,
1. Milk and Dairy
2. Egg
3. Peanut
4. Soy
5. Wheat
When the sensitive foods are eliminated from the diet the response can range from dramatic to barely noticeable, but either way it puts the child in a much better position to gain the most out of the Brain Balance Program™.

Brain Balance Program™ Atlanta newsletter ~  November 2010

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