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Meet Dr. David Friedman, Dr. Earl Mindell, and Leesa Wheeler in Orlando, FL !  September 24-26, 2010

One of the most exciting times of the year for me is when I get to attend the events of Chews-4-Health International. This allows us to put faces to names that we’ve heard or talked to and get to meet them in person. It’s exciting meeting new people from around the country and to hear their stories and successes. This is called networking… at its best…because we are building life long relationships.

You will meet the office staff, Rob Hukezalie, COO of Chews-4-Health; Dr. Friedman CEO and formulator of Chews-4-Health and TrimUlean; and a great new addition to the Chews family, Dr. Earl Mindell, the author of the bestselling book, “The Vitamin Bible.” I always return home from these events motivated, excited and ready to work the business because we learn from the experience of meeting people from all walks of life. I return home inspired to set and achieve new goals and to help Team Members do the same.

This September event is going to be a very EXCITING EVENT.   I know firsthand there are going to be things introduced for the first time that will absolutely help to explode your business. If you’re serious about YOUR Chews-4-Health business, you need to be there to experience the excitement first hand. Every Team Member will return home and will be able to earn more money immediately.
Performance is based on knowledge and training, and you are invited to  Leadership Training, second to none…on Sunday morning! I guarantee you the knowledge and training you receive at this event will automatically put your business on a level you never dreamed of.   YOUR SUCCESS IS ALL ABOUT YOUR PERFORMANCE.  To succeed you have to have the right KNOWLEDGE and TRAINING , and I guarantee you will come away from this convention with confidence to grow your business.  

Believe in CHEWS-4-HEALTH , believe in YOURSELF , and have the “WANT” to succeed and create un-stoppable weekly income. Would you like to make your life long financial dreams become a reality?  If so, I recommend attending this event!   I am looking forward to meeting you in ORLANDO and guarantee it will be one of the best financial decisions you have ever made.

Do nothing and you will make nothing
Do a little and you will make a little
Do a lot and you will make a lot

Order your tickets today for the 2010 Chews-4-Health International Fall Event and you’ll receive 40 tickets (per Event ticket purchased) for the Grand Prize Drawing.  Bring someone with you who is interested in the business —their ticket is FREE!  

For all the details visit

This Chews4Health event will bring YOU closer to YOUR DREAMS! 

Live Well!
Leesa A. Wheeler
Healthy Lifestyle Advisor & Coach, Artisan, Author

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