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Welcome to Your Good Health Radio with Dr. David Friedman

 Dr. Friedman’s belief is that staying current on health news can be the difference between sickness and GOOD Health!

To Your Good Health Radio show  was established  to educate consumers all over the nation on nutrition and good health.  Dr. David Friedman, host of To Your Good Health Radio, not only wants to educate his listeners, but also entertain them!  He has created a unique “tell it like it is” approach combining education, common sense and fun.

He has interviewed world renowned doctors, authors, actors, super-models and champion athletes in his quest to bring answers on attaining optimal health to his listeners. As health expert for Life Time Television’s morning show, he has shared cutting edge stories with millions every week.  The five minute  time restraint for each story  resulted in a lot of great information being edited out. As a result, To Your Good Health Radio was launched!

To Your Good Health Radio is a live, UNEDITED, “no holds barred” breath of fresh air. It allows for a full hour of interaction, live questions and comments.  Some of the information you will learn will shock you and bring needed awareness to why  so many Americans are  overweight, tired,  sick and depressed.

Some of his past interviews include:  Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Roizen, Stephen Baldwin, Kim Barnouin, Dr. Ava Cadell and many, many more.  Check out the archives for more shows Dr. Friedman has done in the past.

To Your Good Health Radio airs coast to coast every other Thursday at 1pm EST.  Listen to Dr. Friedman, his shocking facts and informative  guests.   Thank you to our listeners for your support and don’t forget, if you have a question for Dr. Friedman please email him at   

Every listener that submits a question that is answered on the show  will receive  a FREE copy of his best selling CD  “America’s Unbalanced Diet,” the  shocking truth about what’s really on your dinner table.

About Dr. Friedman  

Dr. David Friedman, Host/CEO is a disciplined visionary and a man of action! He is a renowned educator and lecturer in the field of nutrition. He is a Chiropractic Physician and  Doctor of Naturopathy.   He has received post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School and is a former teacher of Neurology. He’s a member of the Naturopathic Medical Association and has been honored in the National Who’s Who directory for the past 8 years. Dr. Friedman has authored three books and has written articles for several national magazines.

He has appeared on numerous syndicated radio and television shows and his best selling CDs on nutrition have been heard by over a million people. As health expert for Life Time Televisions morning show, he has shared cutting edge stories with millions. Dr. Friedman is often called “The Chiropractor to the stars” because his list of patients include some of today’s top celebrities and movie stars. In fact, many celebrities fly Dr. Friedman across the country to treat them because they trust no one else. To Your Good Health Radio is heard nationwide and offers a LIVE, “no holds barred,”  cutting edge approach to achieving optimal health. Dr. Friedman is no stranger to  controversy and has exposed the artificial sweetener industry for CAUSING OBESITY;  the milk industry for CAUSING OSTEOPOROSIS; and the synthetic vitamin industry for CAUSING SICKNESS AND DISEASE.  He has interviewed world renowned doctors, celebrities, sports figures and New York Time’s bestselling authors that all share one common goal…finding a healthy lifestyle in  the sickest developed country in the world… good ole USA.

A decade ago, the nutritional industry was predominately filled with pills and capsules. Dr. Friedman was referred to as “The Godfather of Liquid Nutrition” because in a world of pills, he  lit the world on fire by helping to put liquid nutrition on the map. After 20 years in practice,  he became frustrated with the void he still found in the world of nutrition and spent 3-1/2 years formulating and perfecting his revolutionary dietary supplement product Chews-4-Health, the WORLD’s FIRST full spectrum super fruit / sea vegetable and antioxidant chewable.  Just recently, he launched Trimulean.  A powerful chewable weight loss product.

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