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Atelier 731 (pronounced (ăt’l-yā’). It is a French word for a workshop or studio, especially for an artist. And 731 is where it is getting its start – right here in Grant Park.

It is the blending of my love and background in teaching/training and my love and background in fashion design, feminine spirituality and all things artistic.

Finally I have found a way to combine them both and I’m excited to tell you about it.

                                                Atelier 731…a nest for creativity

A company that teaches and facilitates creativity in individuals and groups. With the purpose of honoring the creative spirit and holding space for us to challenge each other to live and work more inspired, this approach teaches innovation and problem solving from an intuitive place – the answers are inside us. We just have to tap into them.

So if you know someone who would like to stretch her creative muscle, try a new approach to learning about herself and figuring out what she wants to do next, this is for her.  Entrepreneurs, designers, moms, students, teens, managers, just someone who is creatively “stuck” or someone who is feeling there is something more…

If you are tired of approaching things in such a serious, logic centered approach and want to stretch your creative brain, your spiritual life and your feminine, this approach to learning, more playful and just as effective, is a way of accessing your deep consciousness and getting answers from a different place than logic would offer.

I have a series of 3 hour workshops starting next month(3 different time slots) for women here

I have a series of workshops starting next month for teens as well

And some exciting all day Saturday retreats

Of course my corporate work continues as creativity is so vital to innovation and problem solving

Here’s to thinking outside the box!

Amy Parrish

Amy is also the founder of amazing form fitting cardigans!  Be sure to visit her websites. 
Of course, the links are also on  

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